Monday, March 30, 2015

Around the farm...

This is my farm sign. When I had it made, they added 4 small signs that can hang at the bottom. One says lamb, with a cute little lamb on it. Another is produce. Then eggs. And a goat milk sing. Since I don't have any of that right now, I have them all off. Although, I should hang the egg sign back up. These hens are laying so good.

When we first bought this place, there were big tall cedar trees lining the driveway. Out son-in-law cut them down about 6 years ago. They were pretty, but were blocking the sun from the garden. We still have about 15 cedar trees that need to be cut down. That big one to the left is at the top of the garden and blocks all the afternoon sun. Then there are 3 in the yard by my studio and it is constantly wet over there. And a few more back in what was the goat yard. Never dries out back there either. They provide great shade, but that's about it. And I have 9 apple trees. Not good to have cedars around apple trees. And I'd rather have apple trees. So one day, we will have most of these cut down.

Here's a honey bee on a dandelion flower. My garden is full of dandelions not. I love them. And so do all the bees and bugs. And I have violets, henbit and the nettle flowers. And soon, the clover will be blooming!

My house. With the green grass that my husband had to mow last week. It was getting pretty high. And we had to start the wood heater again. It's still on. We had a good frost Saturday night.

I do believe this is the same bird that built the laundry room nest last year. They have been busy for weeks now building this nest. It's so fun to watch. So many birds are building here now.

The apple trees are getting full of leaves and buds now. I was so glad they waited to bloom til this crazy freezing weather was over. My mom has 2 peach trees that were in full bloom and I think they all got frost bit.

 I covered up the blueberry bushes that had buds on them for 2 nights. And the lilacs. They are all fine now.

Here's Cosmo the kitty next to the blueberry bush with the most blooms. I had 10 bushes but the sheep got 1 of the bigger ones. And last year the chickens got all the blueberries. Not this year!

This morning. Some of the sheep taking their mid morning siesta. They are so funny, these sheep.  I love them.

My very first flowers on the biggest Redbud tree!!! I have waited years for it to bloom. I love these trees. They are in full bloom most everywhere around here now. One of the weathermen said we had Redbud winter this past weekend. never have heard that one before. Have you? We have Dogwood winter in April. Then blackberry winter too. But never a Redbud winter. Something new around here I suppose.

This is the Early June apple tree. One of the oldest trees here. I was so worried that the sheep killed it and the other 2. But they are all putting on leaves and buds now.

The plumbers need to come back when it's dry enough and finish their mess. There are still holes where they never covered enough dirt over the pipes. And they left a big diesel tank here.

My Mom's eye looks amazing! Like it never happened. We go back Wednesday and  I know that doctor will be amazed and proud of her and his work. She has done everything he told her to do. For 3 days, she faithfully put an ice pack on her eye for 30 minutes, every 30 minutes. So she had no swelling at all and very minimal bruising. She started her exercise class at church Saturday and had a good class. The only thing we're concerned with is a big hole right under her tear duct. Don't know what or why this has happened. Unless he used a huge needle.

And as of this morning, I have lost a total of 18 pounds!!!! I am so happy. I hope by my birthday, June 5th, I will be under the 200 mark. I know I can do it. I want to do it. I was at a birthday party yesterday sitting right next to the cake and pizza. It smelled SO good. But also it didn't. So I can say no to stuff like that and be ok about it.

Saturday, I walked up to my friend's farm almost 2 miles from here. Checked on all the goats. Gave Ada a shot. Washed off the little goat kid. He's a mess. Ada has awful runny poop and the kid stands to nurse at her back end. It's gross. But Ada is getting better, day by day. Then I walked back home. It was a beautiful day.

Yesterday, we all went to mom's to get her yard cleaned up. I did most of the mowing, with her old NOT self-propelled lawn mower. UGH, what a workout that was! I wish I had taken my camera to do before and after pics. It looks amazing. Got her white wicker lawn furniture back out. She can now go outside and enjoy her yard and sit down while her little dog runs around and chases squirrels and digs big holes to China!

And today, I am very sore. Y'all have a great week!


Denny144 said...

If you've got the willpower to resist birthday food and the energy to do all that walking, I've no doubt you'll reach your weight goal before July.

Kris said...

Yes, I was rather proud of myself for walking away from birthday cake. But when I saw it, I just thought how bad it would be if I did have a piece. I have not craved any sweets at all since starting this journey.

And thanks for your encouragement! I t means a lot to know people are behind me on this.