Tuesday, March 10, 2015


  I have lost 5 pounds already since this past Saturday! I feel so good too. My hands feel lots better. And I haven't had to drink any soda water because I feel so bloated.

  I decided I need to lose weight and eat better. So I have stopped eating sugar and anything with flour. Basically just  eating fruits, veggies and meat. And kombucha. No coffee because I had to have a lot of Natural Bliss creamer. It's SO good but has sugar. I've been drinking dandelion tea with my friend's honey. (I hope to have my own honey soon!) And of course cheese and eggs too. And fresh raw cow's milk.

  I really do feel so much better. And down 5 pounds already!!!!  I haven't even craved any sweets either.

  I'll be getting into the garden soon, when we dry out. So I'll be more active then. Can't wait to get started again. I have all kinds of plans. Just need to have some dryer ground.

  So y'all please send some good thoughts my way so I can continue this way. I would so appreciate it.

  So in the water situation, we have none. I am so bummed about this. We were using the well water. It's never been used this much, ever. I've only used it to water the gardens some. And the animals. So, it's been flipping breakers. Like a LOT. A friend came today and seems to think it's the well motor thing. And that's about $500. As much as I like the thought of using well water (it's free) we will just go ahead and get the plumbers here and get the new water line done. Plus, I'll get a faucet in the garden too! That is something I have wanted for years. Can't wait to get that. So, in the meantime, we have no water in this house. I am thankful for the rain, which is in several buckets now. And a 50 gallon barrel out back that catches rain water. That's our toilet flushing water.

And we should be getting all this amazing wool sheared off this month! Can hardly wait. But would like it a lot dryer please.

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