Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunburst Granny Squares

This is something else I've been working on lately. I take my bag everywhere with me. Always when I have to take mom or Mrs. T to a doctor. I have 74 so far. I'll make 16 more, for a total of 80.

I think I'll give this to my oldest grand daughter for her 16th birthday May 27th. It should be finished by then. I hope. If not, it will be for graduation.

It's made with cotton yarn. I love it. And really easy and fast. And a conversation starter too. I had taken Mrs. T's car in for an oil change and check up last week. Brought this along. And a man asked me what I was making. He said his wife keeps telling him he needs a hobby. I told him lots of men crochet and knit. I hope he'll at least try. He seemed to like the squares.

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