Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We have water!

 The plumbers showed up early yesterday morning. Lots of trucks and guys. And a very loud ditch digging tractor. They started at the water meter at the road. The worked their way back to the house. At least 650'. I was so worried about my bees. You can see how close they had to get to the hive.  So I got my bee suit and hats and gloves, in case anyone got nervous about the bees. I stood out there with the bees while he got closer and closer. And right when he got beside the hive, he took a break. Geeze.

But ti all worked out. The bees were all out and about, busy as could be. And not paying any attention to loud tractors and strange guys at all. So again, I worried  for nothing.

I did go ahead and add another hive box on top. I haven't really had time to do a thorough check on the whole hive, but have taken the top off. I can see where they are building comb and are all up in that 2nd box. So decided to give them more room to grow. They are going across the road to the Bradford pear trees, in full bloom, and bringing back white pollen. So cool! I love to just sit out there and watch them work.

This is my new garden faucet. I am more happy about this than the whole water line. I have wanted a faucet out there in the garden since we moved here. I have been hauling hundreds of feet of water hose all over from the studio to water everything. I hate it! So this will help so much. Really happy about this.

It is mess out there now. It was so wet that they blew a hose on the tractor while filling the trench. So they had to stop and came back this morning. They had another job they had to get to so will come back with a smaller tractor to finish all this mess up. I want it leveled and all the huge rocks moved.

And now we have more reliable water. Having to go out and flip breakers every few hours was getting old fast.