Monday, March 23, 2015

Around the farm...

 I might just start a new series on Mondays here. Around the farm Mondays. This is the 2nd one. It's just so pretty here, I have to share.

There are so many things bursting forth with new life, it's just beautiful to see. I know it's like this everywhere right now. Or at least I hope it is. It's been such a long winter. And this weekend, we will be back down in the 30's at night. We started a fire again last week, because it's just chilly.

I hope you can look past the kitty doing what kitties do, but here are my 2 lilac bushes I got a few years ago. They are looking pretty good so far, if I can keep Stella from digging them up. 4 years old and still acts like a puppy.

I have 10 blueberry bushes around my herb-flower garden. 1 has not made it, but the rest look good. I had let the sheep out in the yard last month and I think they got some. I had to cut some of the dead branches off. And last year, I got no blueberries because of the chickens. This year, I will have to put netting over them if I'm going to get any at all.

Same with the elderberries. Birds got every single berry. They do every year. But this year, I'll try to cover them too. I have a huge one up front. But I'm starting to get them in the yard and I would love to have my own elderberries.

Can you see way across the road? The Bradford pear trees are in full bloom. The bees head straight over there and are covered in white pollen when they come back home. You can also see how green that field is over there. I call it the Monsanto Field. They plant corn and the next day it's knee high. Then a few weeks later, it's taller than me. Pretty scary. They were over there a few weeks ago spraying something.

Last fall I planted clover for a cover crop. It's so thick and tall now. I am waiting for blooms. The bees will be all over it. I don't want to have a garden because there's so much good stuff out there for the bees. I might have to just plant the garden over  on the other side this year.

This is the little bee garden I started last year. Never saw a bee here at all. I heard bees love blue, so it's all blue flowering plants. It needs to be weeded then I need to cut all the dead stuff.

The sheep pasture is getting greener every day. They want to be over there, but I'll wait a few more weeks. I've been letting them out back and in the back yard and in the big pasture. They have a huge round bale of hay too. So they can wait a while longer. I'd like it to be at least 4" tall.

I added another box to the hive. They are already up there in it. I just do not want them to swarm. They're doing so good now. I talked to a friend last week who got 2 hives when I got mine a few years ago. Mine got the wax moths but his thrived. He kept adding on more boxes. He didn't even feed his for the last 2 winters. They got lots of honey last year. But last week, he went to check on them and they were all gone. Both hives. So sad.

The garden is also full of Henbit too! The bees are loving it. Can you see the one little bee here? And also full of dandelions too. I've been drinking dandelion tea since they's been blooming. So far so good on the allergies! I did have itchy eyes Sat. for awhile. I put local raw honey in the tea. I love it! Good spring tonic too.

And it seems I am stuck at just 13 pounds lost. Can't seem to get past 237. I didn't even look this morning. I'll just wait again til Saturday. I think I need to start exercising. I want a bike too. I live 5 miles from the end of W. Cove Rd. then it goes up Lookout Mt. My goal will be to ride there and back. 10 miles. And it's a beautiful ride too. So I should be able to work up to that. Just need a good bike now.

Hope y'all have a good week! And happy 1st week of spring to you all!


Denny144 said...

I like the idea of around the farm Monday's. We won't see green here in Michigan for at least another month. Rule of thumb is to wait to plant until Mother's Day weekend. That seems so far away. I grew up in Arkansas so my body thinks it should be spring now. I've lived here 20 years and still haven't gotten used to waiting so long for spring.

Kris said...

I love Michigan! Years ago when I went with my husband in his truck, we went up there. Saw Lake Huron and the bridge that goes to Canada. We went to the UP and ate lunch at a cute little restaurant in Sanilac or something like that. I was amazed at how clean it is there. No trash on the roads at all. So unlike here in Ga. where people are so trashy and throw it out of their cars. I hate that.

It looks like I won't be planting anything til July here. It's SO wet and muddy. Not fun at all.