Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adding on...

Went out today to check the hives. I wore hat, gloves, long sleeve shirt. But had shorts on. It's hot! And these girls were mad! And getting crowded. I see lots of brood. Not much honey though. I did see the queen in the garden hive. I took out the one frame with nothing on it. And added a small box with 10 frames. I didn't put a queen excluder on the garden hive. But did on the outback hive. I'll see which one works better. I didn't really look for the other queen because those bees were all over me. So I tried to get it done quick back there. And leave! But they all look good. And very busy. Lots of bees all over this place. I see them coming in loaded with pollen/

Not sure what's going on here in this one frame. Lots of activity in both upper corners.  Does anyone have any ideas?

                                                             Same frame, other corner.

This is the outback hive. Man, were they all over the place when I opened it up! Didn't even take pics of the inside. Wanted to hurry and get out of there fast!

                                                     Outback hive with new addition

                                                And the garden hive with new addition

I was next door washing a paint brush at the faucet and noticed lots of bees in the little pool. I thought it was empty, but there is a little water in the bottom in places. I added a little more and threw in some sticks. There were a lot of honey bees drinking water here.

                                                           And in the mud holes too.

It's a beautiful bright sun shiney day here. And HOT. But that's fine with me. It's been cloudy and rainy for so long, it's strange to see a totally blue sky. So I am ok with this.

Going to the farmer's market this afternoon. I made wool dryer balls and zucchini bread and muffins to take. Plus banana peppers, hot and sweet. And a few jalapeno peppers too. Not much, but I also have salves and soap. Need to make some money!

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Betty Ann said...

Lucky you that your bees are doing so well!!