Monday, July 14, 2014

My boys

July 4th, husband and I banded the 2 ram lambs. They were 4 months old exactly. Gave them CDT and Banamine shots too.

Then didn't think about it til a few days ago. I had been really busy all week, shopping for Mrs. T's birthday weekend. She has been saying for the past year she's going to be 100 on her birthday. She's really 97 now. But we all let it go and let her keep saying it. So this was going to be "the big one" for her and they all wanted it to be special. So I was going nearly every day, shopping and other things for this.

A few days ago, I noticed the boys lifting their legs a lot and laying down. But it didn't register in my brain why.

So yesterday morning, I got all the sheep in the little pen and grabbed some feed. I grabbed a lamb and turned him over and was met with maggots. All over the poor guys rear area. I freaked out. It was awful.

I had to go get stuff to clean them with and sprays. I got 2 LA200 shots and some Vetericyn spray get and home made fly spray. That's all I had on hand. So I grabbed one of them and got them on their back. Sprayed the area really good with the hose. Then poured the Vet gel in and sprayed them all over with fly spray.

Then later that afternoon, before going to Mrs. T's, we went to Tractor Supply. I got a can of wound spray and sheep fly spray. I had 2 shots of Banamine left. So got them again. Sprayed them off really good, doused them with the wound spray and fly spray and a shot of Banamine.

This morning, I only had to hose one of them off. Doused them both really good with wound and fly spray. Tomorrow, another shot of LA200 antibiotic.

They both are eating and have been. They look so much better today though. I felt horrible for them. Poor guys. I should have known, this time of year, with the heat and so many flies, that I should have been keeping them both sprayed down good. But lesson learned. I will NOT do this again! I think they'll both be ok now. I'll continue doing this til the testicle sacks fall off. They are just about ready to. I know, I should have taken them to the vet. But it was Sunday. He would have done the same things I did. But could have cut them off and maybe stitched them up good. I can do that myself as well. And might end up doing it. But I figure I can keep them sprayed really good with the wound and fly spray.

SO, another reason to not have more lambs.


Su Ba said...

Whoa, an eye opener. I've never had a problem with banding them, but I do it at an earlier age. That shouldn't make a difference with the fly problem though. I have real flystrike issues here so I have to check my sheep every day if it is raining. I e lost sheep to maggots before I was doing daily checks on them. For what it's worth I discovered that spraying ether (engine starting fluid) on wounds with maggots causes the maggots to come out from under the skin in a hurry. Then I will use a hose and flush the wound liberally. Follow up with a topical and injections, like you're doing. If I catch it early and the sheep is still eating, they recover.

I'm going to be sure to watch my newly banded rams closer now that I've seen what can happen. Thanks for sharing!

Kris said...

My husband said something about putting used motor oil on them. But being where it is, I didn't think it was a good idea.

I have done this before, but they were 3 months and not near as big. I hope I never have to do this again.

It's been really hot here so flies are abundant all over. I should have been watching more closely. Flies are just pure evil.

I hope your guys are all ok.