Thursday, July 3, 2014

No more goats at Outback Farm

I no longer have goats. Outback Farm is officially goat-less. The Coopers came today and picked up Penelope and Zeeboo. I can still hear Penelope. I'll always hear her. Starting about 6, she gets noisy. Calling me. "Hey woman, get out here now!" And she keeps on and on, until I do let them in the milk room. She was always the one that was calling me to come on. NOW! Very impatient goat. I told Eloise to get ready.

I don't really know how I feel about not having goats yet. I already know it's quieter for sure. And I won't have to hurry home to milk. Or wake up earlier. Shoot, I might even get to sleep in some mornings. Hah! But it's a nice thought anyway.

 It's already starting to get over grown out back. It started soon after I let Zarah and her 2 kids go. Then a few more left and a few more. Then I was down to 4. The weeds and grass kept getting taller and taller and thicker too. Then down to just the 2 does. I can hardly walk back there. Now they're gone. It's going to be a jungle again, real soon.

I'll mow on both sides of the electric fence. And make sure it's all clear. I went back there a few days ago and found a huge oak limb laying across the electric fence. I tried to get it off but kept getting shocked. I was surprised it still worked, but it did. So hubby has a job to do with his chain saw. Then I need to keep a wide path mowed to the bee hive. Because I am thinking I'm seeing snakes all over now. And I hate snakes. I heard that goats will kill snakes. That may be why I haven't seen any so far. But I won't be going in the barn anymore.

  I moved the sheep back to the North side pasture with the chickens. Then I'll mow the South pasture. In a few weeks, I'll let the sheep out back for awhile. I'll have plenty of places to rotate the sheep now. And I need to put the 2 ram lambs in the back yard in about a month or so. I do not want more lambs.

This morning I saw this beetle, pushing this big ball with it's back legs. I don't know where she was headed, but every few rolls, she'd get up on it and look around. Just amazing to see this beetle, rolling this big egg sack, across the wet grass.

And the bird that laid 4 eggs in this nest, is a mom now. I can't see how mony hatched, but I saw a bunch of big hungry baby bird mouths yesterday. And I saw the bird with a mouth full of food for them later. They're really quiet babies. I sure hope they all make it. I try not to disturb them too much.

It's just a beautiful day here today. Not humid at all. Nice breeze blowing. I mowed half the garden down awhile ago. It's such a mess out there. I do have cucumbers, butternut squash, some Silver Queen corn, okra, and yellow squash and some zucchini still. And tomatoes and lots of different peppers. And sunflowers and zinnias all over too. I had to mow right in front of the bee hive, I went real fast and did it without making them mad. It was getting a little over grown right in front of the hive. Looks better now and they can get in and out easier. I just love my bees. I found out the bees in the corners were making burr comb. I should have cleaned it off. I will next time I go in.


An At Home Daughter said...

Luckily we don't have poisonous snakes here, but rattlers are pretty much everywhere else surrounding us. People loose there goats, sheep, horses, and llamas to them. We have lots of non poisonous snakes here and the goats have never bothered them. So I don't think goats kill snakes, but I'm sure they help keep them at bay by keeping the grass down.
When I was reading about guinea hogs a while back, it said they kill and eat snakes. yum yum. I really want to get a pair. They sound like a really good small pig to raise for meat and lard. Talking my parents into it is another story. Strange thing is all the pig books I got from the library only had like 1/4 a page devoted to there breed.

An At Home Daughter said...

I forgot to say that the beetle rolling the egg sack is really neat.

Kris said...

I may have to check out the guinea hog if it's small. Might be a better option for me to have here. The bigger pigs get, the scarier they are to me. And a smaller pig might be easier to move to.
Yeah, I thought that beetle was so amazing. Rolling that ball bigger than she was, across that long yard. Wonder where she was heading?