Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday. In the studio...

That sounds pretty cool. In the studio. My own little studio. I love it.

So I finally made the first batch of soap of 2014 today. I've had some plantain infusing in olive oil about a month now. So made plantain-lavender castille soap. It takes 8-10 weeks to cure. Long time. I'll go tomorrow to the International Market and get more Palm oil so I can start making more. Once I get in the mood to make soap, I go for it. I have lots of different scent ideas rolling around my head right now. So I have to make soap!

And while the lye and oil were getting to the same temps, I started needle felting some sheep. It sure does take a long time to make one sheep. Lots of little stuff to make. People seem to like the white sheep more than the black sheep. My favorite is the darker sheep. That's ok. I just washed a whole white fleece last week. So I will be making felted critters again.

Sure is extremely quiet here these days. Goodness, I had no idea how noisy goats were. Til they all left. I can hear birds again. I can walk out the door and not hear a goat holler. It's great! No, I do not miss them either. At all. May not ever get another goat.

The honey bees are doing great so far. They sucked up that sugar water really fast. I guess I shouldn't have put the new boxes on. Nothing going on in the Outback hive yet. I'll go check the Garden hive and see what they are doing.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


An At Home Daughter said...

I have wanted to make soap for a long time, but have never gotten around to it. I'm a little afraid of the lye, and don't have any idea where to get it locally. I buy the plain Kiss My Face olive oil soap. Its the only soap I can find at the store that isn't full of junk, as I have sensitive skin. So really ought to learn how to make my own.

Kris said...

I order the lye on line from The Lye Guy. You get 6 lbs. for not much. I can't remember. Maybe like $35? My first time, I was afraid. Not any more. I don't even wear gloves. Try it. I think you might be able to find 100% lye at a hardware store or Home Depot. The Red Devil Lye. Go to a library and get some books on making soap. They have recipes. Try the basic recipe and go from there. I use anything for molds too. This soap is in a box bottom. I use wax paper for a liner and a bigger box for the top. And heavy blankets to wrap it. Piece a cake really.

Betty Ann said...

Well you sound as happy as a little piggy in doo doo!! You worked so hard to make your studio. It is wonderful that you can finally enjoy it. I love the felted wool critters. We have so much plantain. Kristin and I will have to look into plantain soap. Never thought of that. You give us so many inspirations!

Kris said...

Thank you! I am really enjoying going over there to work. I just cut up the soap and put it on my new rack to cure. I also made 2 more sheep. I am busy this week with shopping for a major milestone birthday party for Mrs. T. Going to farmer's markets and Whole Foods for days and days. So no time for much over there this week.