Monday, July 14, 2014

Cute little laundry room babies

 All 4 of those tine little eggs hatched. And they are all out of the nest today. All lined up, one after the other. The parents are busy all day, feeding these hungry babes. I was thinking the little guy in front got most of the food.

So just a few minutes ago, while I was getting clothes out of the washer to hang outside, that 1st little bird flew off the shelf! I was so afraid it would get through the door to the outside world of horrible evil cats. So I got it to fly back away from the door. Now I'm afraid it is behind that big cabinet, all alone. Maybe it will make it's way back up to the shelf and it's siblings.  hear it back there. I had no idea they were already so big they could fly. I feel like a protective bird guardian and can't let anything happen to them while they are in my care.

I hope they all make it in that big ole world out there.

PS: Now 3 of them have flown off the shelf. The last little one is still there.

PPS: Now they are all gone. Just gone. Not even a goodbye or anything. Gone. I hope they make it out there in the big world. Maybe they'll come back tonight. I think it's going to rain.

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