Saturday, July 5, 2014

Random Saturday...

 These boys have been practicing and jumping on all the girls. Just being obnoxious teenage boys. I had planned on castrating at 3 months, but time just got away. The other night, they were really being bad. So I decided to go ahead and castrate them. I didn't want to have to separate them, but keep them with the flock. And since I am not sure right now if I even want to breed sheep again, this is the best way to go.

So last night, I got everything together. First couldn't find bands, so had to call a freind up the road. He had some! Had already gotten shots of Banamine. And got 2 syringes of CDT. And of course some grain. And the hubby! Can't forget the most important part.

And these guys were BIG! I first checked to make sure when they were born. March 3rd. So just 4 months. And they are the quads. But man, they were big. Almost wasn't sure it was going to happen. But finally got those jewels popped down under the band and got it done.

Went to check on them about an hour later. Both boys in the stall, laying down. Pretty normal for what just happened. But Clack, the biggest one, sounded congested. I got them all up and walked them around for awhile. Then gave him another shot of Banamine.

This morning, all good. They were up walking with the rest of the flock. Clack sounds normal. You can see in this pic, how big their testicles are. Really had a hard time getting them in the banding tool.

And here is Charlotte, a single ewe lamb. Much bigger than these guys.

And of course, this always makes everything better, right?

This is Annabelle. She did not lamb this year. I am wondering if maybe she's pregnant? I did have that black Katahdin ram in with the ewes, even after they were having lambs. So she could be.

And here are some of the other reallt fat rotund sheep. They all really look good to me right now. Nice and healthy. Plenty of grazing. Rotating them every few days now. Very healthy.

And Thursday evening, I went ahead and put these sugar water feeders on both hives. You can see how they look this morning. Zan Asha said to just leave them on about 3 days. They get dependent on it and they'll not forage. These bees are so busy right now. They are going out back, toward Lookout Mt. Always come back with legs full of pollen. So something's blooming back there. Maybe Sourwood? (I have to take my dogs with me back here. I am so afraid of snakes, it's awful. And it's so over grown back here now. And with the hay fields back there 10' tall, I know there are snakes all over.)

Here's some Elderberry berries. And some blackberries thrown in. Very pretty. But hate blackberries. They always seem to win. I hope I get some of the elderberries this year. Birds always seem to get them all. But I have an abundance of the bushes all over now. So maybe.

And some really pretty, not quite ripe, tomatoes from the garden this morning!  I have to get them like this, because I have marauding rouge chickens, who love to peck at red ripe tomatoes a few times. Just for the heck of it. So I get them like this and let them ripen in the house. These are THE BEST tomatoes ever!

So I have the whole day BY MYSELF! Hubby is off on a motorcycle ride with his boyfriends. So it's just me. Washing clothes, hanging them out. Trimming honeysuckle off electric fence rows. Going to mow the fence line later when it dries up. It's just a beautiful summer day here at Outback Farm in Ga. Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend too!

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