Monday, June 30, 2014

A Monday overload...

It has rained every day now for over a month.It probably hasn't quite that much, but it sure feels like it. I think the fact it rains several times in one day makes it feel that way. The ground is saturated. I am worn out walking in the garden. No need to wear boots because the mud would just make it harder to walk. I just go barefoot.  But I am still tired. My garden is a mess right now. I get a few squash and zucchini at a time. I've been getting hot and sweet banana peppers. A few tomatoes. Some beans. But the weeds! They are taking over. I would love to just mow it all down, but I can't get a mower in there.

But it sure makes some pretty pictures. I love the foggy mist on the mountains and in the valley. So mystical.

This is my view of Pigeon Mt. across the road, with a horse thrown in.

The corn fields across the road to the South. I'm afraid my bees are over there, bringing back pollen from the corn. I hope it doesn't kill them. I see them coming in with their legs loaded with pollen. I do see them on the sunflowers too.And the Sourwood is blooming here.

I love my sheep and alpacas. This pasture is finally growing. And pretty fast. I'll have to mow. 14 sheep cannot keep it down. I've already mowed the other pasture.

Some of my zinnias. My favorite flower.

And of course, lots of sunflowers too. Some are volunteer. Some are seeds from the feed I buy for my goats and chickens. I planted 2 rows and they are all blooming now. So beautiful.

Bees on the front porch. I think I need to add another box. But it's been so cloudy and rainy. I've heard and read to not mess with bees on cloudy nasty days. Well, that's all we've had lately.

One of our Maple trees is dying. Lots of this on the trunk and limbs.

These were taken a little later and with my shorter lens.

I got an email from the lady who's getting Zee and Penelope. She was coming Tuesday afternoon, but now will have to wait a few more days. That's fine. Penelope is giving so much milk, I'm giving the cats and dogs a lot of it. My fridge is FULL. And I just don't have the heart to make cheese. I should freeze some for soap. Just thought of that.

I've been taking things over to the studio. Almost moved in. It's looking so good and I love staying over there. It's so quiet. Until the creature under the house growls. I don't really know what it is. But when the dogs come over, they sniff around the opening and make the creature mad. It needs to leave.

And I am washing a fleece of white wool right now. I need to make more dryer balls for market. I have sold all the ones I've made and need more. And I need more soap. But need oils. And Eo's. So lots to do around here.

I hope you all are having a good week so far.


Iris said...

I LOVE all your pictures! You're such a good photographer! The rain has supposedly gone away, at least for a day. Today (Tuesday) is supposed to be sunny and 95%. Maybe it will dry out your garden.

Kris said...

But more rain Wed. Hope it doesn't rain at market in the afternoon.

Thank you, Mom!