Monday, July 14, 2014


I went to check the boys. I have to give them all feed to get them in to the little area so I can catch certain ones I need to check. So they all come in. Except the alpacas. They are the slowest creatures around. I mean, they are in no hurry at all. So they got shut out the first round.

I put the feed in the big trough. They all gathered round. I grabbed one of the boys. I can usually tell them apart when they're out and about. But I grabbed one, slung him on his back and checked his back end. This one didn't need hosed off at all! No sign of maggots and the sack was drying up! So I just sprayed him down real good with the wound and fly sprays. Off he went to eat.

Then I grabbed the other one. Slung him down on his back and checked him. His just came right off! And no signs of maggots either! So he got doused real good too.

I am so thankful I caught this when I did. Or I do believe they would have died. There is still a chance. I'll go ahead and give them another shot of antibiotic, just in case, in the morning. Then they should be good.

It's been so dry here lately. This afternoon, I put the sprinkler on my flower garden. It was looking pretty sad. I watered the cucumber plants and the other little garden in front of the garden shed yesterday. Now I hear thunder to the South. I hope we get some rain here.

How is it looking in your part of the country?


Sandra Morris said...

Maggots, yuck! That is one of the grossest things to ever have to deal with.
Glad everything is okay!
We are getting ready to separate the Ram lambs today and wean...
lots of whiny boys coming up!

Kris said...

I sure wish I had done that instead of castrating. I just don't like to separate. I don't have a whole lot of places to keep them. But they are fine now. I am so thankful I got it under control. Good luck with the weaning!

Betty Ann said...

Glad the ram boys pulled thru ok! I am a plant person. I do vegetables. Kristin does animals. Tomato hornworms I can handle. Maggots on testicles not so much.

We got a welcome good rain last evening. Hope your garden did too.