Thursday, July 10, 2014

Honey bees are doing great!

 I had a friend come this morning, to check on my hives. He's the president of the honey bee club here in N. Ga. So I trust him. He also has many, many hives, all over. We went to the Garden hive first, which is the 2nd pic here. This is the hive, when I first got them, that he helped me install in the hive. He was a bit worried about this hive. But today, when he opened the top, he was quite impressed with how they have grown. They had already filled all the frames and were starting in on the "upstairs"! We did see a few SHB, so we set traps in both. Last night, I just lifted the lid on the Garden hive, and a moth flew out. So I was thinking I might have wax moths again. He said practically every hive has them. But this is a strong hive and the bees won't let them in. I was happy to hear that.

The Outback hive always has those long roach bugs in the top when I lift their lid. I try to kill them, but they are pretty fast. We also saw a few SHB and put a trap in there too. They are looking great too. And were very active. He said to continue feeding them. This hive had already drank all this sugar water.

So I am very happy to know that both hives are doing so well!

This is the sunset from last night. It was so pretty.

And one of the really big sunflowers, the birds have been eating from. I've seen the American Goldfinch on these. I love those birds.

And we have our youngest grand daughter, Kansas, most days now. Here she is, trying to draw a horse. I used to draw horses all the time when I was a kid. Had all the plastic horses. Dreamed of having a horse of my own one day. Finally got one. Had her 3 years, got bucked off, and that was it for me!

We have had some nice rain the past few days here. We sure did need it. I had mowed this whole property a few days ago. Now will have to mow again in a day or so. And now I don't have enough animals to eat all this grass down. I might have to get a cow or small horse. Who knows.

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