Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tom and Pete just left.

Tom and Pete just left this afternoon. In the rain. In the back of the truck in a dog crate. They were going away from the rain though. I hope they dry them off when they get them home.

So only Penelope and Zeeboo are left. I was hoping they would get the boys this weekend, so I can see if Zee will have milk. They are supposed to be going to Alabama later Tuesday.

Then I shall be goatless.

I was talking to a lady at the farmer's market earlier today. She was saying how goats keep snakes away. They actually will kill them. So I really need to keep it cut down back there. I do not want snakes to be coming around. I'll wait a week or so, then put the sheep back there.

And it's already rained 3 times today.


I was painting some wooden frames yesterday, for my studio,  and found this little fella. I kept trying to get it to jump off, but he kept going around the frame. He finally did jump off, right onto my shirt. But he's just fine. Wasn't expecting that. He kept getting greener.

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Iris said...

You are going to be lost without any goats. How can you make your great goat cheese without goats? You'll have to get more!