Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cats and goat milk

Just a few more days of this scene here. Soshe, the gray cat,  used to be the only cat that would come in for milk. And the dogs always stand at the ends of the stanchions and I'd squirt milk for them. But the past several days, most all of the cats come in. I have 6 cats. So I got this pie plate so they could all get in. These cats are all so old. They don't do a whole lot anymore. They are still ornery though. Gilbert, who's not in this picture, swatted Sybil, who was trying to come in for milk. She's not in this picture either, because she left after that. And I couldn't find Andy.

Zeeboo is still puffy some. I'm giving her Red Cell still, but no more worm meds. She's going with Penelope next Tuesday. I hope she's better by then. I'm milking Penelope twice a day and her milk is finally getting better. We can actually drink it now! I'll have to find milk somewhere after next week. This will be strange for awhile. But I think I will be fine.


Su Ba said...

A 30 year memory of 26 cats and five milking goats came back to mind. Those cats were in heaven. I always filled a big turkey roasting pan with fresh milk for those cats. Sometimes I had to add a little more if the first batch to eat were gluttons. But I always had plenty if milk to share with them.

Kris said...

That's a lot of cats! Don't think we'd have enough milk for too many more.

I had 4 tonight.