Monday, June 2, 2014

All done with that horrid ceiling!

I went over this morning to tackle the ceiling at the little house. I brought a spray bottle of water with me. It comes off real easy and fast when wet. And no dust! Just a free tip for all of you who will be scraping off a popcorn ceiling any time soon.

Also had to mud around the ceiling to make it look better. And the seams where we added new sheet rock. Just waiting for it all to dry now, so I can paint the ceiling.

A friend is coming over later to help me figure out wall and floor colors. So I can start painting walls and floor. I bought 4 cans of floor paint 25% off at Ace Hardware in Lafayette the other day. I just bought them without adding color because it was such a great deal. I'll bring them back when I decide on a color for the floor and porch.

The husband loaded up the old couch and fridge and is taking them to town to sell at the recycling place. I hope they'll take the couch too. Lots of metal in it. Then after painting walls, I'll take up that ugly linoleum and take it to the dump.

I have got to go check on the hive out back today. I was waiting for the sun to come out. It looked for awhile like it might rain. I put the goats in the back yard so they'll stay out of my way. Such aggravating little devils! I think I'll add another box on both hives and take out a few frames to harvest the honey. There are a few that are really heavy with honey. Can't wait to do that!

And I'm needing to get out in the garden to plant cucumbers and butternut squash. I might have to til the other big garden spot for more room to plant more corn and beans soon.

So just a little update on this massive project I've jumped into. More later! Hope y'all have a great Monday.


Su Ba said...

Wow, what a big project. Sounds like you're doing ok with it, but it's lots of work! Makes me tired just reading about it.

Hey, that was a great idea to buy the paint then bring it back for tinting. I never thought of doing that. I'm definitely going to keep that in mind!

Kris said...

The paint was on sale, so about $17 a gallon. I didn't realize paint was so expensive any more. So I thought I'd better get it while they had it.

And I used 2 gallons plus about 1/4 of the 3rd gallon of ceiling paint. That sheet rock sucked it up fast! And it had primer in it too. It was a lie!

Iris said...

Sounds like you're making good progress. It'll be done before you know it!

Iris said...

Sounds like you're making good progress. It'll be done before you know it!