Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Walls, floors, flowers and garden...

So here is the finished wall. That took 2 days to get done. It's not perfect, but it's up. I took the baseboard from the back corner, where a washer and dryer will be, and used it for the front. Then put a piece of 1x4 in the back. No one will see it. When I get the washer-dryer in, I'll just hang either a piece of PVC or galvanized pipe and hang a shower curtain on it to hide them. I think I'll look for some beads to hang across the kitchen too. Me and mom are going out today, so I think I'll look at Target for rugs and shower curtains and all that cute stuff. They always have a good selection and nice colors too.

So this is the floor color. What do you think? it's called Sandy Trail. Just a neutral color. I think it'll do. I put one coat on yesterday and another today, just right here and in the washer area, and used a whole gallon. I guess I will go through 4 gallons when it's all done.

Went out this morning and took pictures of my day lillies and gardens. The first pic is of the lillies in my front border. It's full of them. And English Ivy. It's taking over here. At least it's easy to pull up.

This middle row of dirt was planted with Butternut squash. Then we had all that deluge of rain and it's just a river right there. When I was out mowing yesterday, I saw about 12 of the seeds had sprouted at the end of the row. So I'll just replant at the top. Every single cucumber seed sprouted, so I'll have plenty of them.

I don't know if getting this little house going and all the work I've been doing over there, has affected me in other areas of the farm. I've not been working in the garden, except to pick things for market. The weeds are all over everything. I have this really fast growing viney weed that's everywhere. It's east to pull up when the soil is wet. I did plant some Calendula next to the tomatoes to the right. And 2 whole flats of them. They'll go in all the empty spots out here.

And I have decided to sell all the goats. I just need a break from them. Of all the animals, they make me the most upset. I think that's the word to use. I can't seem to get Zee over this worm problem. And it really is getting bad. She is the only one affected. But she is not getting over it. Every morning, her head and jaw and neck is swollen. I give her more wormer. More Red Cell. More B Complex. More kale. And she's still not better. She's just drying up too. And now Sandy has runny poop. I only had Pepto so gave her some last night. Didn't even milk her after being away from her kids all day. Seems like she's drying up too. Only one that's ok is Penelope, but she looks like she's starving. But she's still got both her kids on her too. I have a friend who wants Sandy and Penelope's buck Woody. But now, with her not doing too well, I don't know if she'll want her.

So, I really want to concentrate more on the sheep and wool. And bees. I just hope and pray the goats get well so I can sell them. Or give them away. That pasture out back needs a break too. It's had goats out there for 10 years now.

SO off to town now and shopping with my mom! Always a good day when I spend it with her. Oh, and my sister is going to be moving here probably the end of summer!!!!! We are all so excited about this. She had just applied for a position at UTC, in Chattanooga, last night. So we are praying she gets that job. It would be perfect!


An At Home Daughter said...

The little house is looking nice. Very pretty.

About your goats. It sounds as though they have coccidiosis. It will not be treated by paste wormers. We have had to treat on a few occasions for this. It is brought in by wild birds, and if the goats are exposed to chickens, they can transmit it to them also. Any how, the treatment is Sulfadimethoxine. It comes in a packet at the feed store and you mix it with water. Mix a 107 oz. pack with 3 cups water. keep refrigerated. Day 1: give 1 ml. per 5 pounds body weight. Days 2-5: give 1 ml. per 10 pounds body weight. They hate the taste of it. So I measure out there dosage with a syringe and squirt into a little container to add a little stevia, then draw back up in the syringe.
Within 24 hours there runs are dried up, and they are back on track towards normal. But it is bad stuff to get in your herd. Especially if you have kids, it can take them down fast.


Kris said...

Last night, I put the does up front. With the chickens. They have never been together. But I need to wean the kids and have no where else to put the does. I have some cocci stuff I got from Hoegger but half the directions are smeared. I'll call them in a little while and see if they can tell me how much to give. I had thought that might also be something they could have. But so far, all the kids are great. I'll give them CDT shots today. Wonder if I should go ahead and treat them too?

I really do need to get these hoats away from this property, just so they can get healthy again.