Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mmmnnnnn...Zucchini bread!

It's that time of year again. Lots of zucchini! But I'm not getting a whole lot at once. Just a few at a time. So I made zucchini bread last night to take to market today. Years ago, when I did have tons of zucchini, and was giving it away like crazy, one of my neighbors had enough! She gave me this recipe and told me to make bread! So I did. And have been ever since. It's the best recipe and the only one I use for this bread. I also use it for other breads too. Just change the fruit or veggie. And I use fresh grated nutmeg. I think that's what makes it so good. Well, my chicken eggs too. And I make my own vanilla, from vodka and organic beans.

I hope this sells at the Main St. market this afternoon. Because there's not much going on in the garden right now. I did get one ugly ripe tomato the other day. I finally peeled it this morning and we both got a slice for breakfast. And it was SO good and juice and tasted like a tomato should taste. Now I can't wait for the rest of the,. And no, I am very selfish with our tomatoes and don't like to share them. So probably won't be many at the market. I am also waiting on slow green beans and okra. The cucumbers will be another month or so. And butternut squash a few months away too. But that's ok. I'll be making soap and salves.

I am moving things over to the little house studio. Went shopping yesterday and got some rugs and kitchen stuff. A new coffee pot too. Would love to have a nice tea kettle, but they are expensive.

And the dryer we got the other day is not working. We did plug it in and it worked, but we didn't have a good clamp to get the hose on with, so had to wait to hook it up. We did that yesterday and now it won't work. So might have to take it back. And my husband stepped in sheep poop and got it all over my nice new painted floor! I'll have to have something wet to wipe nasty shoes on at the door.

So it's slowly coming together over there. I want to start making soap next week. Oh, I got a huge stainless steel wire shelf from Home Depot on sale for just $75! It's 4' wide with 6 shelves and is about 6' tall. We have it in the kitchen and will use it for soap drying racks. It's perfect!

And hopefully, after next Tuesday, Outback Farm will be goat-less!


Abby said...

Save me one please

Kris said...

I'll have to make some more. Sorry.

Abby said...

ok that's good.

Betty Ann said...

Kris, I typed a long comment last night and clicked "Publish" and then it disappeared into cyber space. Just want you to know I'm still here

Kris said...

Ya know, sometimes I comment on other blogs and never see my comment. It just goes away. A lot of bloggers have the things that says it has to be approved by the owner. But not lately. So I don't know what's going on. It's not just mine. I'm glad you're still here though!

Betty Ann said...

Kris, rest assured that I was singing your praises in awe of what you do. I worked so hard to say just the right thing that I just could not reconstruct what I had composed. Love you, Girl!