Sunday, June 15, 2014

Progress, a little bit at a time...

My husband and I have been working over at the little house this weekend. We went to Home Depot Friday and got some 2x4's and plywood, a new light fixture for the bathroom and the electrical thingy that turns lights off and on, and another fixture for the kitchen. It has a really old cool fixture I wanted to keep but I broke the glass. So I found another one that will work but it needs some rigging.

These pictures aren't in the order I wanted. So  here's the kitchen floor, almost ready to paint. I was going to leave the linoleum in there and just clean it up, but noticed a few holes right by the stove. And it stunk over in this corner, where the fridge was. So up it came. And, along the wall, they used glue. As well as the seams in the big room. So I have been scraping and scraping and scraping, the floors, for days now. I finally got the kitchen done. And wanted to paint the floor in there, but the sink has been stopped up for so long. I poured a whole big bottle of Draino in but it didn't do a thing. My husband kept asking if I had plunged it. No, I haven't. SO he did that awhile ago, and there it went! It's all fixed now! So in the morning, I'll go paint the kitchen floor! And hang some shelves and paint my soap drying racks. I have got to start making soap.

I put down those peel and stick tiles in the bath room last week. I did a crappy job around the toilet in back. I was getting a bit frustrated with it. And I used all the tiles from the box and needed just ONE more to finish behind the door. So I got a few more of them while at Home Depot and finished that little job. I need one of those toilet rugs now to hide the mess around it. And some caulking and the bathroom will be done! Of course it needs a trash can and mirror and a few other little things, like a towel holder.

The man, actually reading directions for the light fixture in the bathroom! Men do read directions, I have proof! He also needed to sit down and rest a few minutes. That's all he gets when he's working with me.


And the finished light! I love it. Except here, the wall looks brown. It's not brown.  It used to be. But the paint color is called White Pistachio, a very pale green. I love this color. Can you see that nail poking out of the wall just under the left light? It will not come out. And I didn't want a big huge gaping hole in the wall. So it will be staying right there. Hopefully a mirror will cover it up. Because it is not in the center.

And here is where we messed up yesterday. Don't feel sorry for him now. He had knee pads on and he can do this better than I can. Anyway, we were building the frame for the little 4x8 wall to hide a washer and dryer, when I get them.  I don't know if you can see the mistake already here or not. Those of you who have ever made a wall will see it. The board his left hand is on is in the wrong place. It's supposed to be on TOP of the other board, not INSIDE the other board. We didn't catch this really big mistake until we laid the plywood down to nail it on. And it was too big! Then we realized what we had done. And we were both hot and sweaty and tired. So we left it. Real fast like. And went back to the house to take showers because we had a wedding to go to. I felt like an idiot. Well, it was really HIS fault, because he knew how to do it. We did it right when we were measuring on the wall.

Anyway, we went back this afternoon and took the frame apart and made sure we did it right this time! And we did. And it's up and nailed and already primed and ready to be painted Turquoise Twist tomorrow. This is the wall I want to hang all those old pictures that were in the house when we bought it. Oh, and don't buy 2x4's at Home Depot. They were only 93" long. Not a true 8' 2x4, like we wanted. Ace sells true 8' boards, for just .70 more. So we wasted a few boards in this little project.


 And here's some bad dogs in my little house. They will NOT be coming in when it's all finished. NO dog hair in THIS house! There's enough in the big house to make dog wigs for bald dogs. They both need to be shaved.

I feel like we made progress this weekend over there. I hope to get all my soap making things over there this next week and be making soap. I have sold almost all my soap and need more fast. My dryer balls are a huge hit and I'm selling a lot. So I really need to get over there and get busy.

It's supposed to be in the 90's here all week. HOT! And it's really been nice so far. I may just have to put that little window AC in over there. I don't want my soap to melt, right?


Tombstone Livestock said...

You probably bought studs they are slightly shorter than 8'. They should have 8' 2x4's also.

Iris said...

It makes me tired, just reading about all ya'll are doing, then seeing the pictures, too. You're going to have a beautiful "shop" when you're finished! Sounds like you and Charlie are a good team!

Kris said...

Yep, they were just 94" boards. We should have known better. But it was 10 years ago that we've done all this. We're old now!

Mom, I'm glad you can't hear us way in Ft, O! No, we do not work well together. But we get it done, one way or another.