Monday, January 13, 2014

These goats.

I was looking out the bathroom window yesterday morning and saw this. How many times have you seen the same thing? At first, I thought she was just in a deep sleep. I called her a few times and got nothing. I ran back in to get boots on and go check on her. Just the way she was laying, I thought she was dead.

Then she gets up. Scares me every time! And it has happened many times. She was just laying there in a very deep sleep, enjoying that nice warm sun.

So I decided to let the goats out on the other side of the fence, in the over grown vine jungle. They love it over there.

Sandy kept going deeper...

and deeper.... til she almost disappeared altogether. I could hardly see her. Must have been some really good stuff back in there.

That lasted about 10 minutes. Then they went out into the wide open pasture next door. Where they are NOT supposed to be, because it's not ours. But they always come back in to their goat yard to rest. I have good goats.

I counted my hay bales a few days ago. I only have 35 bales left. It's about the middle of January. I have been giving the sheep about 1 1/2 bales a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening. They also get grain and bread in the morning. I have 18 sheep til the end of Jan. 2 of the rams go to the butcher. I just might take the other 2 as well. Then I'll just have 14 ewes. Much more manageable for me right now.

The goats get about 5 flakes, plus grain and bread in the morning too. Then more hay at night. I have 4 does and a buck.

The alpacas get a hay feeder full because they are in the back yard right now and there is not much to graze on. Plus they get grain in the morning.

I have decided to only feed hay in the evening from now on. They are all out grazing what they can all day. Plus I go out and cut privet and honeysuckle and cedar for them all to munch on. And I cannot tell if the sheep are pregnant or just fat butterballs. They are huge. If they are pregnant, it will be a few more months, because there are no udders yet. They should all be pregnant because there are 3 rams out there with them and have been for several months now.

There is SO much to do around here. But hubby has a doctor today and some errands to run. I did get in a cleaning mood this weekend. Unusual for me. Could hardly sit still before I'd get up and go clean something. It sure feels good though.

I hope you all have a great week. And stay warm and dry too.

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Iris Graham said...

Sounds like you were busy this morning. While you were caring for animals I was busy making turkey-vegetable soup. I had a big bowl for lunch. It's delicious! I have a container of it for you and Charlie. Ya'll stay dry, if you can, and warm. Hope doctor's report was good.