Monday, January 20, 2014

It just takes one...

to rock the boat. Sheep, that is. I have been letting them in to the chicken yard side of the farm so they can have the 2 stalls at night. Then they go back over to the bigger pasture for the day. But to get them back and forth is a bit of a job. They have 3 gates to go through. And I have to get them all at the gate to go to the other side and make sure they all go through to the other side. I have a fence I put up across the driveway to keep them from going into the yard. But then there's the whole driveway they could end up going down instead. So far, it hasn't happened. Til tonight.

I have been only giving them hay at night now, since the weather has been so nice. And since I realized I only have about 30 bales left. So I'll put hay in the 2 stalls at night to get them to go over there. It's been working rather well. But last night, I saw that there was a lot of hay still in there, so I just raked it up to make it look like I had just put hay in for them.

Darned ole sheep are smart. They whined for a little while til I went back inside. But they know in the morning they get grain and bread on the other side. So they always go. No problems at all.

I guess they were onto me tonight. And all it took was one sheep to go the wrong way and they ALL go the wrong way. Down the driveway toward the road.

It just took a few minutes to get them all back to where I wanted them. With a little cussing and hollering of course. Darned ole sheep! I think they will be staying over there this week, since it's going to be cold again. Like in the teens at night til the weekend. It just makes it hard to give them the grain when they are bumping me and running all over the place. It's so much easier to get the feed into bowls with no sheep around, then get them over to the feed. SO much easier. I'll have to figure out what to do in the morning.

This morning, I trimmed all 4 does feet. It had been a few months since I have done them. Had to clean the milk room up first. They weren't as bad as I was thinking. And I didn't make any of them bleed this time. I usually get at least one hoof too close. But they look good again. And Bubba and Stella were happy dogs! They love those nasty hoof pieces.

Also did a little spring cleaning. It was so beautiful today, it got me up and doing things. I worked in the bedroom and got a lot done. Will be going to take a load to Goodwill tomorrow and some recycling to the Community Kitchen. And spend some time with my mom. We've been missing our Tuesday's together.

And will y'all please say some prayers for my husband? His right ankle is just not getting better. In fact, it's been infected. I was telling the nurse last Thursday at the would care center that I was concerned about how it's not healing at all and looks horrible. The doctor came in and did some things. He took a culture to be sent off. And we're trying a different type treatment instead of Silvedene cream. But I ran out. So will go get more tomorrow. Also put him on antibiotics. He's not been feeling too good and his blood sugar has been around 200 for over a week now. So I knew something was wrong. They may try a water treatment soon.

Y'all stay warm. It's gonna get cold again!


Betty Ann said...

Sad to hear about Tiny's ankle. I hope the new regimen starts to turn things around. And yes, it is COLD! My sister sent me three pictures from her place in Leland, Michigan. It is literally buried in snow. So glad we don't live THERE anymore! Still love your beautiful pictures. :)

Kris said...

Thanks, Betty Ann. I was getting worried no one could post again. Or no one was reading. Yes, I am ready for some spring here! But we are nice and warm inside. My cousin lives in Statesboro and said it was going to be 20 last night there. That's unusual for that far South.

Kim said...

i am saying a prayer for Tiny's Foot and ankle.

Betty Ann said...

Kris, this winter is kicking everybody's butts. Rest assured that you are still one of the highlights of my day. K was out of town so Bob and I became stand-in farmers last week. And 4 deer to butcher and pack for freezer this weekend. Very busy here. I always stop by to check in. I'll try to do better about taking time to post a comment. Glad you are toasty this hard winter. I remember how frustrating your wood stove was for you last winter. Prayers for Tiny.

Kris said...

Thank you Kim and Betty Ann. I really appreciate the prayers for him. I'll post about our doctor visit later.

Did y'all shoot all 4 deer, Betty Ann? That's a good freezer full of meat right there.

Betty Ann said...

K and Hubby raised the Porcine Princesses in trade for 4 deer and some meat chickens. She gave two pigs back and will keep two. The guys at the ranch north of here get tired of eating venison and are happy for the swap. They killed and aged the deer and gave us 16 quarters and all the backstraps. We have an electric grinder and a cuber for cube steaks. Will get started this afternoon. It is surprising how many people don't want meat from the grocery store full of GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones.

Betty Ann said...

And it's a good thing there are several freezers in the family!!