Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not going to say the C word again.

I am going to try as hard as possible to not say the C word again. I am so tired of hearing about it. My husband has the tv on ALL day and he watched news and weather and Law and Order and the Velocity channel, which I don't mind sometimes. But the money some people spend on cars is crazy! Anyway, I have decided that it is winter and it is supposed to be this way right? My nephew lives in Wisconsin. I saw on his FB yesterday where he had this picture of snow and it said "You know it's cold when they close Wisconsin." You know at the bottom of the screen where they post all the closings? It just said Wisconsin closed. I thought that was so funny. So, I am going to try not to say that awful C word again.

Instead, I am going to list some things I am thankful for because of the freezing weather we are experiencing right now. Here goes folks.

Instead of slimy nasty wet mucky mud...

I am walking on nice solid frozen ground. SO much easier to walk on. So I will not complain about that at all.

I won't even complain about hauling bucket after bucket after bucket, well you know, of water. Like ALL the live long day. Nope, I will not complain. It is great exercise. And I need exercise. So I will gladly haul bucket after bucket of heavy water.

And hay. LOTS of hay. I called a friend up the road to see about getting a round bale for the sheep. He's bringing it today! SO happy about that! I just hope they like it and it's not a waste of money. But it will save me time.

I am thankful that I did not breed the goats for early kids. I put John Henry in with the girls on Oct. 28th. So the end of March into April. I am going to predict that Zeeboo goes first. Then Penelope, Zarah and maybe Sandy. Can't even tell if she's pregnant. But Zeeboo must have been in heat that day because she is huge already.

The sheep I am not sure of. I do believe that Fiona, Leelah. Gracie and April are all pregnant. They are all hair sheep and big as buses. Not much of an udder on any of them yet, so I hope they wait at least til Feb.

Lets see. Although I am not happy about WHY my husband is home this winter, I AM happy he's here. He gets all the wood in for the fireplace. He keeps it going at night. He's gone to get a few truck loads of wood. This might sound mean, but he does need to get up and move around. His blood sugar and pressure always go down after he's done things, rather than sitting around all day. So this is good for him. And I am SO thankful the man CAN get up and walk. Because he could have lost some feet.

I am thankful for the wood heat too. Our electric bill is really low. I won't say what it is because so many people have bills up in the hundreds right now.

There are so many things to be thankful for in this weather. I won't bore y'all with more. I hope y'all have a great Sunday.

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Betty Ann said...

Thank you, Kris. I love that you always stop to smell the roses. Have a blessed Sunday.