Wednesday, January 22, 2014

These chickens

These chickens are all about work. I thought of those little Face Book funnies, where someone says something like "people be like..." I made some for the chickens.

This one is: Chickens be like, we don't have time to eat. We're late for work!

And this one is: Hens be like, let us out of here woman! We're late for work!

Even though there is a nester box in the coop, these hens will jump out of the coop as soon as I open the door, and they run as fast as they can next door to the other nest boxes to lay their eggs. They don'y even stop to eat. They are true working girls, these hens! I just thought this was funny.


Linda said...

Love the pictures of your chickens.Your rooster is a handsome boy what kind is he?

My poor chickens won't even come out of their coup. I had to put the water inside with them. We went down to -11 degrees last night and it suppose to go below zero again tonight. It has been so hard on my chickens and goats. I have been taking out warm water 5 times a day it freezes so fast. But I did get 4 eggs from them today which I thought was amazing considering the extreme cold and 6 inches of snow on the ground. We are not out of it yet more snow and extreme cold is scheduled everyday. We sure are getting our butts kicked this winter.

Well at least its not Tiny ankle starts getting better. You all take care and be safe.


Betty Ann said...

So cold here too!! Went down to 11 two weeks ago and will be 19 or 20 tonight. And we are in West central Georgia! We have been here 15 years and have never seen lower than 17. Starting to see my landscape plants suffer. The entire winter garden froze dead except a few cabbages and some collards. Sigh. And another clipper is poised to hit us again next Tuesday!! Love your chicken pictures. :)

Kris said...

You are both on opposite sides of the country and it's cold both places. I just don't even want to hear the weather anymore. I know it's cold! I have to haul water all day too. But it is good exercise.