Thursday, January 23, 2014

Husband update.

We went to the wound doctor this morning. He had a staph infection. The antibiotics are working though. The right ankle looks lots better today. They are going to check with insurance to see if they can do a graft next time to speed this thing up. I sure hope they can. Seems like they would agree to it because it would help the time it takes to get better. As it is now, we go there every week. If this helps speed up the healing, I would think they'd agree to it.

We were gone all day and got home at 5. Again. Same yesterday. Went to get the stitches out of his left arm from the surgery 2 weeks ago. Doctor wanted to cut out some more on the same arm, but still wasn't sure where. So Tiny said nope, no more for him. I can't blame him. It sure did mess him up for a few weeks.

So when we got home, the first thing we do is check the fire. It was almost out. The central heater has been on since. We did get the fire going, but it's just too darn cold to heat up any. And the darn central just blows out cold air, that we have to pay for. Makes me mad. And it's supposed to be about 10 tonight. I am not going anywhere else til spring. Plus having to run out and haul water to all the animals because the water buckets are all frozen solid. And feed hay.

I had to put all the cats in the "barn" next door. It's our little house, where I store hay. It has a kitchen and bathroom so we have to keep a heater on when it gets cold. And 3 of the cats got sick a few weeks ago when it got to 4 2 nights in a row, Poor Gilbert was so sick for about 5 days I thought she was going to die. And little Sybil was sick a few days too. So I put them all in the barn a few nights ago. Just left them in all day today since it was so cold. Poor cats. They're all over 10 years old.

Yesterday, we went to O'Charlies for a late lunch-early dinner. Tiny got a rib-eye steak. He always gets sirloins and they are always tough and he's so pitiful trying to eat the darn things. Never complains. So I told him to get a good steak. Even the cook came out to see how it was. It was marbled really nice and I could tell it was really tender. He did enjoy that steak. So no more tough old sirloin for him anymore.

I am just rambling now. I am trying to not spend so much time on this computer. I had thought about just turning it off but I'll try it this way for now.

Thank you all for your prayers for my husband. It really does mean a lot and it does help.


Kim said...

PTL for good news.

Betty Ann said...

Good news about Tiny. The cold, not so much. Is your central heat from a heat pump?? UGH! Those things have a wind chill! We have nice hot gas forced air, which we try not to use because when it runs we see the $$$$ running up the chimney!! So we keep it set at 60 degrees and use the insert in the fireplace for heat. Stay as warm as possible. Really hard on all the pets and farm critters. Another colder blast is due next Tuesday. Argh! This never ending January!!! Bless my son-in-law for free split seasoned firewood.

Kris said...

Yes, a useless heat pump. It's fine when the temp is over 60. Anything under that is cold. So we just use the wood stove.

I am not even listening to weather anymore. I just don't want to know right now. I know it's cold. Just don't need to constantly hear about it on tv all day. It's winter.

Kristin said...

I agree with you on the heat pump! Our auxiliary heat has been on a couple mornings when the fire had gone out. I think it'd be as efficient to heat the place with a hair dryer.

We are continuing to pray for Tiny. He's really had a rough time of it - and so have you. He's so lucky to have you.

Stay warm!