Monday, January 27, 2014


 Yesterday, I got this round bale of hay for the sheep. They seem to like it. At first, I thought they might just eat til they ate the whole thing and die. But they ate awhile, then they'd go out and graze a little bit, then lay down. Then they'd go back and do it all over again. They really haven't made too much of a dent in it so far. But they are eating it. So I hope it'll last at least 2 weeks. We shall see. For just $15, this should be affordable. I may just get round bales for the sheep from now on.

I have to load up 2 of the ram lambs in the morning and take them to the butcher. I hate doing this, but that's why I have them. One of them is a friend's ram that's been staying here. The other is the make-up lamb for the screw up at the other butcher on the mountain that I will never take another animal to. So I am not making any money on this lamb. Just losing money. I learn as I go.

I cannot remember if this was a morning or evening shot. It was a few days ago, I remember that much. And I love it. Every day is so different. It never bores me to see the sky, in all it's glory.

This is what I see every morning. All the goats and the alpacas, standing there waiting on me to come out the door to feed them. I still have John Henry. I just don't know what to do with him. I have tried for months to sell him. And I have thought of butchering him here and making sausage out of him. But he is still stinkin' like a buck in rut. Not really bad, but I still smell him. And he is still in with the does because I have nowhere else to put him. I am also thinking about butchering Abraham, the ram. I'd use him for dog food. And the little black ram too. He is the smallest ram I have ever seen. He's not much bigger than Buttercup, who was born last April. I just don't want any males to have to worry about for so many months. So many decisions to make. Any suggestions?

And these alpacas. What am I going to do with them? I was thinking, after the ewes have their lambs, that I could put them together. I think they'd be ok that way. People put llamas with sheep and they're ok. Why not alpacas and sheep? Any thoughts on that too?

It's been beautiful the past 2 days. I have washed loads of clothes and towels and sheets. And hung them out on the clothes line to dry! I have to wait til the washing machine line thaws out to wash anything. So when it does, I am washing all I can. And when the sun shines, outside they go. We are doing all we can to keep electricity down here. What about y'all?


Betty Ann said...

Ugh. Now we have freezing rain and then snow, and then back down into the teens again tonight. using a whole lot of firewood to save on heating bills! Love your sky picture. And the faces on those alpacas are adorable. Especially the red one ;)

An At Home Daughter said...

$15 for a round bale!!! That is one heck of a deal. We are paying $15 for a regular 100 lb. bale. And they have put restrictions on how many bales you can buy a day. We haven't had rain in a very, very long time.