Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm firing my personal weatherman.

 This is NOT what it looked like this morning when I woke up. Nor did it look like this when I was loading up 2 ram lambs to take to the butcher. Nor did it look like this on the way to the butcher. OR on the way home from the butcher. But a few minutes after I got home, it started to look like this.

And it got whiter and whiter. And of course the C word. But I won't say that word.

So, our daughter called from work to tell us school was closing at 11:30 and could we go get Kansas. We  had to go to town anyway for an appointment at 1:30 at H&R Block. Also wanted to take some soup to a friend and my mom. And take a cooler to the butcher for lamb organs.

So we headed out. I took pictures all the way to town and back. There was NO ONE on the road til we came up on this about half way to town. They were going maybe about 15. And would put brakes on going DOWN hills. And there are just about 3,876 hills on the way to town. OMG!!

Out other daughter called to say she was leaving work and would go get Kansas, but she was just crawling because it was like rush hour at 10:00 AM. Took her 2 hours to get home.

So we went to the school and got the grand child. Along with all the other people getting theirs.

On the way to Abby's, we had to go down this cool hill in the Baptist church parking lot and act like teen agers and do donuts! It was SO fun! Scared the poor child a little though.

Here's the grand, playing in the snow at Mrs. T's house. She's on the old oak tree stump. It's HUGE! We stopped there to get some wood from the huge wood pile that our son-in-law Jason has been working on splitting. We thought it would give up traction on these treacherous roads.

Isn't this magnolia tree beautiful all covered in snow?

 Before heading home, we went back to the butcher to take the cooler. I thought I might be able to go ahead and get the lamb organs but when we finally got to the top of their hill and got out of the car, I heard the sheep. Poor guys. He said it had been crazy all morning and he hadn't had a chance to get to them yet. So I'll go back in a few days. But going back down that hill was so scary. We almost slid into the ditch. But we made it.

Oh, we also got a call from the guy who was going to do our taxes. He canceled. He lives up on the mountain and was going home. The mountain is in this picture up ahead. Can you see it? Can you also see all the traffic going the same way we are?

This is at the crossroads of 136 and 193. Can you see the snow plow truck across the road? With salt in it. If you turn right, you go up the mountain. It looked like the truck had been up that way. So that's a good thing. To the left is Lafayette.

 And here we are, back home, safe and sound. I do have a good driver. He knows how to drive in snow. Unlike most everyone else out there. People are stupid when it's like this. Really. Stupid. I mean, there is cautious. Then there is stupid. I'm just glad I'm home. And all my kids and gran kids are home too.

                                And here are my snow-covered sheep. Even Abraham is white.

My snow-covered house. When we got home, it was only 64 degrees in the house. That's pretty darn #*^#!  So I went out and grabbed some little old pieces of wood and threw them in the stove and it got back up to a little over 70. Lots warmer than 20.

It will probably be looking like this for awhile. And ALL schools are closed tomorrow and probably the rest of the week. I'M stayin' home!


Kristin said...

C%&^ here too. I need to go get feed and bedding to those meat chickens. I hope they aren't frozen! I REALLY need to butcher them.

Unfortunately, I have to go outside to get more wood for the stove this morning. It may have to wait til I finish my coffee.

I'm glad you got home safely. A friend of mine got stuck in Atlanta traffic for 10 hours. She finally parked her car on GA-400 and walked 4mi to her sister's house. Horrible.

I'm staying home too. Those meat birds are going to have to eat scratch because it's all I've got!

Kris said...

I just came in from all the feeding. I had thermal long johns and shirt, socks, warm muck boots, Carhart jacket, gloves and the Arctic hat mom gave me. My head was sweating. I was warm.

I can't believe you still have meat birds right now. I hope you get a break in the weather to be able to butcher the big guys soon.