Sunday, January 19, 2014

And peace is restored to the Kingdom once again.

Friday, I put an ad on CL for the roosters. It was really getting bad around here. The poor hens couldn't get a moments peace with all these guys chasing them all day. And for those with chickens, you know what I'm talking about. When there is more than 1 rooster, the testosterone is flying. It's not fun at all.

So, this one rooster seemed to be the one that the hens liked. He would go into the big coop at night with all the hens. The other 2 roos would go to the chicken tractor. So I just got the 2 roos in there a few days ago, by their selves. Put the ad on CL. And got a call a few minutes later. A friend not too far away came and got them both!

I was so happy. And I could tell right away that the hens were happy, too. And Black Bart is very happy. They are ALL his now! And he is a good rooster. Doesn't have any favorites. Just goes along with whatever the girls want. He's good like that.

                                          Here's the big boy. The king in his peaceful kingdom.

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