Friday, April 12, 2013

More sheep shots

I put the sheep out on the front pasture. It's finally looking good and green and full of grasses and clovers and all kinds of other things sheep love.

Can you see part of Lookout Mt in the background? I love this view.

The lambs have really been keeping me on my toes lately. They are just the right size to get through the field fence where I've had to cut either ram heads out or goats with horns. So I need to go put wire across the holes. These lambs are sneaky little devils. And of course, what's on the other side of the fence is SO much better. If you can see here, all the lambs and Amarillo are at the front fence, climbing it to get to the honeysuckle vines. And this is a very old rickety fence.

This is the lowest spot and it always fills with water to make a pond after heavy rains, like last night. It looks like the lambs are wondering what that is.

And this is what makes up for all the headaches these little devil lambs cause me. They are so funny to watch. Here is Tater Tot leaping in the air.

Here ia another view of Lookout Mt across the pasture next door. That I wish was mine. But isn't. And this cattle panel is about to fall over. Another way for sheep to get out and over into this paradise.

There are a few sheep missing. Darla is sick. So her boys are staying with her. She might have pneumonia. Again. She so needs to be sheared and it's been SO hot this past week. And the other day, I gave them too much bread. So the wool sheep all had runny poop the next day. I am seriously thinking about selling all the wool sheep. I have more trouble out of them than the hair sheep. They are never sick or puny like the woolies are. So I think I'll sell the wool sheep and get a few more hair sheep. Such easy sheep to have.

I love the day after a heavy rain or storm. Every thing is so green and fresh. And all the pollen is washed away!!! It's been so heavy here with pollen. I can just feel it in the air. And it's so think on everything.

We're going tonight to get the bees!


Kristin said...

I love your pictures! Is it crazy that I've never considered that there are hair sheep and wool sheep?

Tombstone Livestock said...

Don't you know the grass is always greener (better) on the other side of the fence ......... LOL ..... not walked on Pooped on or Peed on, which makes it taste much better.

Looked on your blog, don't see contact or email address. If you leave a comment on my Tombstone Tidings blog I will email you my address for Nettle Seeds. Comment on your blog tho was also right, you can put cuttings in water to root just like mint.

Linda said...

I so wish I could do what you are doing! I would like some hair sheep because they shed all their wool... I was thinking of Katahdins - but alas... I don't think my husband would EVER allow me to become too much like a 'farm'... but who knows given time he may just allow it! I would also like to have a small dairy. On my list right now is chickens and rabbits

Kris said...

Kristin, they are like night and day, those sheep. I have not had any problems with the hair sheep except once in awhile, one might get a bad hoof. Their hooves grow so fast and I can't get them cut sometimes. That's really the only complaint I have with hair sheep, their hooves. The wool sheep don't have that problem. Something about dark hooves and white hooves. My hair sheep have white hooves and the wools have dark hooves. I love ALL my sheep so much and hate the thought of selling any of them but I have to be realistic here. Hair sheep are so much easier for me to keep healthy.

Kris said...

Issy, I will do that. Thanks. And I have some I bought the other day, but forgot about rooting any. So probably too late now since they've been in the fridge almost 3 days?

Kris said...


I can't get your email to work on my computer through Wondows.