Saturday, April 6, 2013

It works!

I went out this morning and put the new Premier fence up. I got it all hooked up and was wondering hoe to tell if it was working or not. About that time, I heard a big ole yelp and saw poor Stella running for her life. Yes, it works! So got the gate open and the sheep piled out. They ran around a bit, then one by one, they touched the fence. Because what's on the other side is better, right? I am so sorry, but this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. When sheep get bit, they leap up in the air and jump through the yard. Then all the others go running to see what happened to them. I know, I have a sick sense of humor. It hurts. I have gotten bit a few times. It ain't fun. But when it happens to someone else, it's just too funny.

So I think in a few days, this will be all eaten down. It's the front yard, where the septic tank is. I mowed this in early Feb. Not since. And it's very tall and lush and green. Why doesn't the rest of my farm look like this?

I will be using this fence to do the intense rotational grazing. I so hope that this will help keep the parasite problem down. Plus the Diotemacious Earth, kelp and minerals they are getting. I think they are all looking really good for not having much to graze on yet.

You can see here how tall and pretty the grass is here.  And they have plenty of room to keep them all busy.

 I did have to add some of the field fence here at the end to make it reach to the fence. So far, so good.

This is the energizer bunny. It's amazing! Like a secret agent case, full of goodies. I was a little intimidated at first, but it has great instructions on the lid and was really easy. I did all by myself!

This is the inside. So cool, right? I was wondering how I was going to tell if it was working, before I let the sheep out. About then, I heard the loudest yelp. Stella must have been sitting beside the fence when I flipped the on switch and got bit. Poor girl. I had to thank her for her help.

So I think this just might be the thing I have been needing here to help keep the sheep where I want them. I've had one of these before, but without the energizer. So I sold it. Wish I had it back now. I may need to get another one. I want to keep the chickens in one going after the sheep to eat the poop and spread it around to fertilize the pasture. Isn't it amazing how one thing helps another?


Linda said...

That is great! I really wish I could do something like that!

Kris said...

It really is nice. And fairly easy. I know it's going to be extra work, taking it down and moving it and setting it back up. But, I won't have to do it but maybe every 5 days or so, I hope. And in the big pasture, it'll be all straight lines. No curving or circles, like in the front yard. So much easier for me.

Linda said...

Kris, do you have a link where I could look at this? I read several places where people have used something similar... what is the brand? I would really like to do this. I know I can't afford anything right now, but maybe in the future.

Sandra said...

Glad it is working for you.
I love that it is so portable!

Good luck with your new system :)

Kris said...

Linda, it's Premier Fencing. I got the fence that's 164' with posts that have double spikes for $10 more. So I think they were $139 each. I got 2 of them. Then the charger-energizer was a little pricey but I wanted it so the fence would actually be working. I had one years ago without the charger and the sheep would stay in it for awhile, then they realized they could go over.

Kris said...

So far they are being good sheep and staying put. This is the 2nd day in the yard and it looks a lot different from yesterday. I want them to eat it down to the ground before I move them. I love it so far. I hate the sheep are getting shocked but they have to learn to stay away. It's taken some a few times so far.

I think I might get another one for the pigs now. Still thinking on that. I might be able to tie it into the electric fence that's out back and not have to get another charger. I just need to get that bottom wire hot.