Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Farm tour, farmer's cheese and lamb quiche

The farm tour is over. It was hot! There were about 20 people who came here. And it was fun. I'm glad it's over and I won't have to do that again for a long time. But I did have fun. I made farmer's cheese. And a lamb-goat cheese quiche for the dinner later.

To make the cheese, just get a gallon of milk (I use raw goat milk) to a slow boil, about 160-170 degrees. Take off heat and add half a cup of apple cider vinegar slowly while stirring. It clabbers really fast. Have a cheese cloth lined colander ready and pour cheese into colander to drain. Hang it up til all drained, about half an hour. Then refrigerate. Add whatever you like to it.

These pictures got mixed up. This is showing the ingredients I like to use. I roasted 2 heads of garlic, chopped up, and some fresh chopped rosemary, parsley flakes and salt. Mix it all up and there ya go. This is the easiest cheese ever.

So the quiche is my lamb burger, eggs, milk, cheese and peppers. Plus onions, mushrooms and some cheese from another farm in Tn. It was SO good. Now I have to wait til fall for more lamb.

All the food that was brought was really good. All fresh and home made from their own farms. Can't wait til the next tour now!


Kristin said...

Looks delicious. I'm glad the tour went well!

Sandra said...

I have never made a cheese using vinegar. Will have to try that when we start milking, if these goats every decide to have their babies :)

Shine said...

Yummmo.....sounds and looks SO good!! Possible to use raw cow milk????
Ready to give it a try! Thanks!

Kris said...

Thank you, Kristin. I'm glad it's over though. I was a nervous person. But it was fun.

Kris said...

Sandra, I hope you do try this cheese. It's SO easy and fast. I am sold on this cheese. And with roasted garlic and fresh rosemary, made it just right. These goats, they make us wait and wait. I am waiting on Sandy. And day now. I can hardly wait.