Sunday, April 7, 2013

Arlo's gone

I just sold Arlo Guthrie and Trudy's buckling! So I have enough money to buy my milk machine! I am so happy that Arlo isn't going to be sausage. Now to find a new home for John Henry. And Ira Joe.

I'm going in the morning to get the milk machine. I hope I don't get lost. Nashville is not the easiest place for me.  It's got a lot of highways and signs and way too much traffic. I hope I can find the place.


Linda said...

I am really curious to know how the milking machine works out for you.

Kris said...

Me too. My friend that bought one from him loves it. I'm just dreading that trip.

Shine said...

Nashville is not so bad, just keep alert and stay in the slow lane:) !
Milking machine?.......Interesting!
Enjoy your day!!! xoxo Shine

Betty Ann said...

Good luck on your trip. Navigating a big city can be tricky and stressful. Praying for a safe trip for you.9967Atleddr

Kris said...

It was a good trip. Not much traffic. Except on the way home there was a big truck wreck. I hope the driver is ok. I left at 8 and got home almost 4. Long day.

Thank you for prayers. It's getting to where I don't like driving much.

Still figuring out the machine. It's not noisy so doesn't bother the goats. Having a hard time with the suction. I'll get it right soon. It was too much suction tonight on Penelope and she kicked several times. It will work.