Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family Jewels

 I castrated these guys last night. They are a little over 2 months old. A few people had told me to give them a shot of Banamine before. So I did that. It took awhile to get those jewels to come down into the sack, but they all finally did. I felt horrible for having to do that. I sprayed them real good all around and made sure I didn't have their little nippley things under the band so I knew it wasn't up too high. They all did really good. After I did each one, they would just go lay down for a few minutes. But didn't act like they were going to die, like they do sometimes. So I hope the shot helped. This morning, they all look fine. A bit slower, but ok. Thank God, they are ok. I was so worried they'd all be dead this morning.

Here's Buck and Bo with their momma Darla.  And below is Tater Tot. They are all so sweet. Now they can all stay with their mothers and the rest of the flock without being pests. And, I will be in need of a hair ram soon. I'd like to have a red one like Tater Tot. I love red sheep.


Kristin said...

Good job! I'm going to have to castrate Bogo if he doesn't sell. I'm not really looking forward to it.

An At Home Daughter said...

We wait till our goats are about 3 months old to elastrate. That way their plumbing has had more time to develop, and less chance of developing stones and such later on down the road.
It seems the trick is to do it on a cool day. Then they act as though nothing ever happened. They just go back to eating.
Last year the weather wouldn't participate. So we waited for the coolest evening possible and did it. They weren't happy, but it was either that, or they would have to go for meat. So I try to look at it, as that it's saving their lives ; )


Kris said...

Kristin, I hope you do sell Bogo. He's so cute. I am trying to sell Ira Joe but no luck yet. I really don't want to keep any kids. 4 does is enough for me right now. Good luck!

Kris said...

I knew there was a big reason I waited to do it. The plumbing! They were born the 24th and 25th of Feb. So right at 2 months old. But these 3 will be butchered in the fall. I just wanted them to be able to stay with the rest of the flock as long as they're here.

They're all doing really good so far.

Sandra said...

Glad it went well!
Not much fun, I know.