Thursday, April 18, 2013


This morning in my devotional book, I was reading in Proverbs and got to chapter 17 v 22. A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. Yes, it does.

Living on a farm can be hard, a lot of work, sweat and tears. But there is also so much to laugh about. Sometimes, if I didn't just sit down and laugh at some of the things that happen around here, I would go crazy.

So I was trying to think of some things that make me laugh around here. I have pigs now. They are not often fun. They are a lot of work. And worry. And trouble when they want to be. And believe me, I have been through some troublesome porkers here. I was always SO relieved when they were loaded in a trailer headed for the butcher. Like I could breath again! But, they can be so funny. Like the last few weeks. It's been really warm. So when I go to fill up their water, I'll turn the hose on them. The first time, it freaked them out. It was so funny. Now they love it. Especially Bob, the black pig. He will stand still under the water and I can see him smiling. Then he'll take off running around the yard. Then Joe will join in. He likes it ok, but not as much as Bob does. I can see the joy in Bob as he's getting splashed with the water. Such happiness. That makes me laugh.

The lambs. Yes, they have been getting out of the fences. Yes, they get stuck in strange places. But, when they just leap up in the air and run with their friends all over the pasture in pure joy, that makes me laugh. They are so funny, these lambs. And sometimes, for no apparent reason, one of the ewes will do that. Just leap up in the air and run around.

And the chickens. When they were free ranging, during the winter, they would find something good to eat. And when another chicken saw that one, she'd take off after it. That's funny too.

Then the goats. Good grief, sometimes I could just ring their aggravating little necks. But the next minute, they do something that just makes me burst out laughing! They really are hilarious!

Never a dull moment on a farm, for sure. And I don't want to become a broken spirit with dry bones.

So what makes you laugh? Do you see funny little things and just start laughing out loud and people think you're crazy? We ALL need to laugh more. Especially now, when so many horrible things are happening all around us or to us. Lets all just LAUGH! Out loud!


Kristin said...

I laughed out loud a few times today and actually stopped and realized I was doing it after reading your post.
1. Magnum realized that he can control his boy parts to pee where he wanted. You should have seen his look of suprise as he was aiming.
2. My red hen Lacey made herself a house under the hay bales in the back of the pickup as we were unloading them.
3. Bogo decided to mount the dog.
I love these animals.

Kris said...

Animals are so funny. I love watching mine. And a little buck will just about mount anything that moves.