Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Magic sheep?

Or just a stupid shepherd. 

Yesterday, I put the sheep at the far end of the garden. You can see it here at the end, near the road. It's a pretty big area where we used to have hundreds of strawberry plants. Now there are 6 apple and 3 pear trees. And lots of grass. 

So I got my husband to stand by the gate that goes out the driveway and then when the sheep go in, to get behind them and make sure they go straight and not detour into the garden. Where I have cabbage and broccoli. Well, of course they did exactly that. And ate about 6 of the cabbage plants in about 5 seconds flat. We did finally get them all down there and the gate shut. Darn sheep.

Then after taking hubby back to his truck in Atlanta, I got some fence and more posts. I did this this morning. Put fence all along the garden down to the bottom yard. The sheep can mow all this for me. 

BUT, after a few minutes of the sheep being up here, I saw 2 lambs in the garden. I thought they must have gone under the fence. So got them back over and checked the fence. I really didn't see any place where they could get under. So a little while later, I'm standing out there watching them and saw one of the same lambs, Biatrix, go right through the fence into the garden. Like magic, right through the fence. I ran and got her out again and really looked close where I saw her go through.

And this is what I found. A little opening just right for a lamb to walk right through. What about that? I had to use this piece of older fence to get it all the way to the other fence. And forgot there is this little opening in it. SO, I got another little fence piece and fixed that little problem. Darn shepherd!


Sandra said...

Where theres a will there is a way��

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. Looks like it was cut special just so the lambs could get through. Glad you figured it out and fixed it.

Kris said...

Yep, I just did not see that. Even when I was putting the fence up. It was so weird though, when I saw her walk right through the fence, like magic. Then saw that perfect little door just right for a cute little lamb to walk right through.