Saturday, July 21, 2012



    Last night my dog Bubba came in to my bedroom. He stuck his nose in my face. He was shaking. We had another night time storm. With thunder and fireworks. The power went out for a little bit. And he was nervous. He isn't usually this way. But it was pretty intense. Stella and Sophie are in crates. And Sophie can hardly hear anymore. But the silly dog started yipping like she wanted to go outside. So I let her. And she stayed out. It was about 1 am. The storm finally went away and we all went back to sleep. But we have had several night time storms lately. I know we need this rain so much. But the thunder and lightening sure do make animals nervous.

    There are other kinds of storms in my life as well. Family storms. Money storms. Worry storms. Big storms and little storms. Some I can deal with and fix and they go away. But others seem to stick around and get bigger and bigger. And worse and worse. And I let them.

    But I know that there is someone who can help me. Someone who can make the winds stop and the thunder and lightening go away. Someone I can go to and stick my nose in His face. And He will comfort me and tell me it will all be ok. That things will get better and the sun will come up again. And shine bright. And things will keep on growing. And I will be ok. And my family will be ok. And we will have enough money to get by. We always have. Because of Him. My Protector and Counselor and Provider. My Friend and Father. I am so thankful I have someone I can run to when I am afraid. And He will never turn me away. Ever. 


SweetLand Farm said...

We had a dog that was scared of thunder storms too. She would hide her face and not look out the window.
Hope everything is well and that the storms in your life will pass soon. It is nice to stick your face in that of your Savior!

Kris said...

It will be. It always is. And you are so right!