Monday, July 2, 2012

South Garden

 This is a shot of the South garden, again looking at Pigeon Mt in the background. Such a beautiful view. The sheep pasture is beyond the garden to the right.
 And this garden gets watered. I soaked it good last night and also fertilized with manure tea. So hopefully it will revive. I am picking some squash but not many yet.
 These are some purple peppers. They are so pretty.
 And some yellow peppers. Yes, they are supposed to be yellow!
 And a beautiful patch of my favorite flowers, zinnias. Love them! You just can't have too many of these around.
 These are Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. The best ever cherry tomato. SO GOOD!
 Poor tomato plants. They are do needing a good rain. But full of tomatoes. And they are amazing and juicy!
 Some of my grapes. And talk about good! Yum! And seedless too.
And of course have to get my sheep in here somehow. Lucinda is up at the house in the shade so she didn't get in this picture.


SweetLand Farm said...

Gardens look good!

Kris said...

Thanks. I am so afraid they're just going to dry up. We had a little shower yesterday but that's it. I have to water a lot now. How is yours?