Thursday, July 26, 2012

Abraham, again

The vet finally called this afternoon. I told him what all I had been doing with for Abraham. He said stop the worming. They are probably all dead by now. He said these worms feed on protein. So I need to give him some B Complex for a few days and no grains right now. Just hay and grass. Also something called Red Cell. I'll look for that tomorrow at Tractor Supply. Abraham seems to be doing better.

And I am supposed to bring in some manure in 2 weeks. I'll bring some from a few of the other sheep and some goats too. Just to see what I am dealing with here. But so far he's still alive so something worked.

I will get the other 2 rams probably next week.

Thanks for all the great advice and comments about Abraham. I am learning so much.


White Sheep Farm said...

Red Cell ... Love to know what that is. So glad that he is doing better!
And yes, YOU did everuthing right.
Sheep are just hard to read sometimes.

Kris said...

Teri, I went to Tractor Supply and they only have a gallon of that stuff. i did buy some more B Complex. Just gave him a shot of that. It's a big bottle but I guess I'll give some to the other sheep too. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt.

I try to do what I can for my animals here and with what I know. But every time is different. I am learning SO much this summer. I'm sure everyone has similar stories but do things differently. There are a few people I'll call if I don't know what to do. The last resort is a vet. But I'm that way too. I'll try to everything I can for me first, then go see a doctor if I have to.