Monday, July 2, 2012

North Garden

 This is my North garden. It's quite yellow, in meed of a good soaking. No rain in weeks. Although we did have a little strange pop up storm last night and the ground was a little wet this morning.

So these are the beans. Kentucky Wonder and McCasslen pole beans and Blue Lake and Italian Roma bush beans.  They are all starting to come on really good right now. The Roma bean plants are so pretty and full of flowers.
 You can see how the bottoms are yellow in this picture. But they are full of big pretty beans.

 This is looking at the chicken house.
 This is looking at Pigeon Mt. to the East of us. We are in a beautiful valley with Lookout Mt. to the West behind us.
 Pretty bean vines reaching for the sky. You can see some holes where the Japanese beetles are having dinner. Then they are dinner for the chickens later. The chickens love those nasty creatures! I take a bucket and go down through the rows and shake the beetles into the bucket. The chickens are standing at the fence waiting for them to fall from the sky for them to eat up every evening.
These are the field peas. You can just see the pea pods and the pretty purple flowers. These plants love the heat and they look great. And are FULL of nice young pea pods. Can't wait to pick some.

So this is the North garden. In full production right now. I am picking cucumbers daily. There is a sweet potato patch to the right but it's very weedy.

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