Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Soap

I had a pretty productive day today. I made 5 different batches of soap. This is the first one. A tea tree castille soap. I have never used tea tree oil so I hope it works. It smells good. I met a lady last week at market who makes soaps and her husband said she makes a tea tree oil soap that he uses when he gets in poison ivy and it really helps. So I'll try it and see.

This is the mold I used for that soap. It's an old chicken feeder. It makes really pretty soaps.

                                                          Getting ready to wrap it up.

 This is some goat milk soap that I put clarey sage and rosemary EO and fresh chopped rosemary leaves. It's a candy tray. I thought that would make nice little soaps for a guest bathroom. Or just for someplace that needs a good smell.

I also made a plain goat milk. I am getting better at adding the milk to the lye now. I read on Mucky Boots blog where she learned the hard way not to wrap goat milk soap. And now I know why my last batch had so much oil on top. I wrapped it. She said she even puts hers in the freezer. So I did. And it's nice and hard already. I learn something new every day.

                                                 These are some other molds I use too.
 And this is the peppermint soap. I love this one and it was a very good seller. Already sold out of the last batch I made. It smells SO good and is so refreshing. With dried crushed mints leaves too.

Also made a manly soap today. I have been thinking I need to make some soaps for men since there are a lot of men that like home made soaps. So I made a cedar saffron that smells very manly. I used Pringles chips cans for the rest of the goat milk and for the cedar soap. 

So I feel good that I did so many soaps today. I need to order more lye and also more oil like coconut. Then I can make more. I want a lot for Fall and for Christmas.

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