Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Around the Gardens Today

I forgot to turn this one around. But these are Blue Lake green beans that I planted 5 days ago. Look at them already!

And these are the field peas I planted the same day!  Now the cucumbers that I planted last Monday are not up yet in the North garden but the ones I planted in the South garden last Thursday are popping up.

 And I picked about 3/4 of a bushel of Kentucky Wonder beans this afternoon. That's THE most I have ever picked off these vines yet. I thought they were all goners after that drought. Then I watered. Then we got lots of rain. And I left them alone for a few weeks. Then I picked for over an hour today. I also picked a half bushel of Blue Lake beans too.
 On the last row of the runner beans I  noticed 2 little round things in the vines. I looked closer and they were on top of the nest. I turned it over and put them back inside. They were cold so I guess the nest is abandoned. It looks like maybe a hummingbird nest. The eggs are very small.
 And what is this? I have a few of these growing in the South garden. Is this wheat or oats? I sure would like to know.
                This is an empty spot waiting for something to be planted in it. I might plant more peas.
 And I have to show my zinnias. They are just beautiful. The dirt row is the Italian Roma beans. I saw some of them popping up too.
And this is my haul for today. Tomatoes, peppers, and beans. I'll pick kale and more peppers tomorrow. Then off to market. I hope I do well tomorrow. I'll go pick up some cucumbers from my friend up the road too.
                            Here's one more pretty flower for you to enjoy. That color is amazing.

I hope everyone's gardens are doing as well as mine are right now. I am really excited about this second planting of summer veggies already. And in a few weeks I'll be planting for Fall. So fun!


Sonshine4u said...

Definitely not wheat or oats. It looks like sorghum or milo.

Kris said...

Then maybe milo because that's in the chicken feed. And there are little sparrows that eat it and probably dropped some out of one end or the other. I'll keep it and feed it to something here. Thanks!

Laurie said...

Your gardens look amazing! Such a big amount of space that you garden! I'm a very impressed farmgirl!!!!
Farmgirl Sister#1403

Anonymous said...

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