Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Rams

I took my 3 ram lambs to my friend's place to eat down her garden area. That was 2 weeks ago this Thursday. It looked like a jungle then. Not now. They have eaten all the bamboo. All the weeds. All the little bushes. All that's left is the middle area with tough grass and English ivy. And those clumps of weedy grass even horses won't eat. We were thinking they were going to stay there at least a month or so. I am thinking I may need to get them back home sooner.

Abraham, the black ram, is always like this. With his head through the fence posts. I called him several times and he never even looked at me. I miss these guys. When I bring them back I'll put them in the back yard with John Henry, the buck. He's a bit lonely back there by himself. He was getting a little too fresh with the little does so he had to go to the back yard til Fall. He can still see and talk to the girls. Just can't be in woth them anymore. So this will be the buck and ram yard for awhile. Til we're all ready to breed.

I need a trailer bad.

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