Thursday, July 5, 2012

Naps Are Nice

This morning I woke up early, got all the critters fed and milked. Then went to the gardens. I picked a bushel of beans and that was just one side of the double row. Then went and picked cucumbers. Man, if you don't get those stinkers every day, they get as big as watermelons! Then picked some of the running beans. Then it was inside for me. I sat awhile and could not keep my eyes open. It could have been the Benadryl I took earlier because I was sneezing like crazy and my eyes were itchy and watery. That and the heat. But I had to go lay down. And I did.

Then the phone rang. My friend up the road stopped by to get advice about their new goat kid. He had cut his leg. So I went up there with CDT and antibiotic shots and some Vetericyn gel spray to do the vet thing. Got that all done. Now I am back in til later.

My friends will come about 8 tonight to help load 3 huge ram lambs into my Trooper for a ride to town. I have a friend with  a big fenced in yard that she needs them to eat down for her. She's been working on getting it ram ready. They'll stay there a few months. It's a nice place and they will get plenty of attention from all the people that live there.

I hope you all have a great day and stay cool! Thanks for coming to read my blog and see what's going on here at Outback Farm in Ga.

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