Thursday, July 26, 2012

Starting Over

This is why I stay so dirty and sweaty and nasty these days. That dry red Georgia clay soil. And it's dusty right now. It can start raining again after tonight. This is the South garden. Isn't the view great? It's so clear and pretty right now. Even though it's nearly 97 degrees out there, in the shade it feels so good, with a cool breeze blowing. But it feels better inside!

This is a very odd shaped garden. And I make the mistake every year of planting the outside rows first, then ending up in a V shape. Next year I will plant from the grape vines over, that way I might have striaghter rows ending with small rows up against that fence. 

This top picture is where I planted cucumbers in the left row all the way to the end and around the corner. Then zucchini in the middle to the right of the cucumbers. I still have one row after that to the right. Then I need more Swiss chard to finish that row. To the far right is the Blue Lake bush beans next to the fence.

Down this long row I planted 2 rows of Italian Roma bush beans. To the left is empty right now. It will have beets soon.

This bottom picture is where I will plant beets too. I could go ahead and plant the seeds now because August is just next week, right? And if you can see to the end to the left, there are 2 rows down there that I planted straight neck and crook neck yellow squash.

I just came in from the North garden, tilling some rows for field peas. I'll go out when the sun goes behind the trees. It's hot! I think we are in for some rain probably tomorrow. We need it again.

I was looking at the McCasslen running beans and I see lots of little ones coming on. So I hope by next Wednesday, I'll have some to take to market.


SweetLand Farm said...

The view is amazing!! The garden spot looks great. So you get to plant more a second time?! Our growing season isn't that long unless you have greenhouses.

White Sheep Farm said...

Well, that's a full time job!
Love the Roma bush bean ... course I love anything that has the word Roma in it.
Stay cool :)

Kris said...

Oh yes. We go through at least November sometimes. Just depends. Especially things like cabbage, greens and Brussel sprouts. They like it cold. And this is only the end of July. We still have 3 more months of hot weather. We are not like S. Ga. at all. We do get snow here. I would love to have the high tunnel. I know a few people who just got theirs. I'll see how they do during the winter.

Kris said...

Those are pretty good beans. And seem to take the heat well. We are supposed to be cooling off to the low 90's for the next week!! We are having a fireworks show toward the East tonight. I just went out and put the sheep back over on the other yard with a shelter for the night. They are such good sheep. They follow me anywhere.