Monday, April 10, 2017

Smelling VWs

This past Saturday, my husband and I went to Bug-a-Paluza at Camp Jordan. There were SO many VWs there, I know I didn't see them all. And it was sunny and hot.

But I LOVE VWs. Beetles, vans, campers, you name it, I love them. They have always been my favorite vehicle. I was practically raised in a VW. My dad was a teacher, so back then, they got a whole 3 months off. We'd take off in our VW camper and go on long road trips across the country. We'd pull over and camp by the side of the road, or a river bed. Such great memories for me.

One of the things I love best about a VW is the way they smell. It might sound strange, but they do have a very distinctive smell. Some have a slight gassy smell, which is fine. Mine always did. But I loved it. And most of the bugs I owned I could see the road as I was driving, through the floorboards.

So I had to stick my head in all the opened windows, just to smell them. And of course I had to touch each one. And I also talk to them. Because each one has it's own personality.

What makes me sad is seeing the ones that have been made into dune buggies. Or some other thing. A lot of the ones there were SO low to the ground. Back wheels turned in. Just all kinds of wonky things being done to them. And most had air fresheners hanging from the rear view mirrors. Why??

I really like the older models better. Like '69 or older. Something about the windows, lights, fenders, luggage racks. I saw a '58 too. Born the same year as me.

But this one brought back some memories too. Way back when I was 16, my brother who was 17 at the time and my sister who was 12, were living in California with our dad.  We all wanted to go back to Ga. to live with our mom. My brother had a VW van. And I had a dog named Ziggy. We loaded that van up with all our belongings and took off. We headed up to Yosemite National Park first, with a friend of my brothers.

We spent a few days there. Got the van loaded up and took off again and the van broke down. Got it going again but it wasn't going to make the trip. We headed back to LA and traded the van in for a little souped up black VW bug. Looked a little like this little guy here.

So we got him all loaded up. It was so full, my sister was sitting on all kinds of things in the back seat, plus my dog back there too. Took us 3 long days and nights to get to Metter. But we made it! Been in Ga. ever since.

And I've had a few VW bugs since too. A brown one that kept shutting off, at crazy places and times. Like once, right in rush hour in Atlanta in the fast lane on 75. Just quit, right there. My kids were little too.

And another one that did the same thing. Then I got the yellow bug. Got him from a neighbor for $800. She let me pay $50 every other week. Had him for 15 years. Probably spent a million dollars on him too. 2 engines, 2 paint jobs, lots of other work, plus new floor boards and carpet, seatbelts... SO much money. Gave him to our youngest daughter and she had it about 5 years. Then sold it to the guy that did lots of work on it for $500. I almost died when she told me. I was driving down St. Elmo Ave one day going to Chatt. when I looked over to my left and saw a tire going past me. It was mine. Whole thing just came right off. Fun times!!

I know someone understands how I feel about these cars and has fun memories of them too.


Iris said...

There is nothing like a good walk down memory lane! I remember those trips in the van, and some scary places we spent the night. One night (I don't remember the State) we were in a pasture, and woke up to cows mooing, and visiting us!

Iris said...

Oh, and the summer your Dad taught summer school, and we camped (in the van) by a little stream, just playing in the water, etc. while we waited for your Dad to get there.

Kris said...

Yes, good memories for sure! So glad we got to do that.