Thursday, April 13, 2017

Any day now...

there will be lambs galore, running, leaping, chasing each other, jumping on mommas! Oh how I wish it were all over and this was happening. But, it could drag on for a month, which really won't be too bad at all . That will give them all time to bond with their little ones. I just hope they all do.

 3 years ago, Adalaide had twin ewe lambs in early morning rain and cold. She just left them there, on the cold wet ground. Didn't do a  thing. One was already dead when I went out to check on the sheep. The other one, Cara, was barely alive. But she made it and is going to have babies of her own soon. I just hope Adalaide does better this time.

And Annabelle has only had 1 ewe lamb ever, and Buttercup is 4 years old and really really huge herself.

Then there's Amarillo, who had quads. We bottle fed the ewe lambs, Campbelle and Cameron. She kept the 2 boys and raised them just fine. The girls stayed with them after it got warmer and she was ok with that. But she is HUGE! It could be that her wool is making her look a lot bigger, I hope. She was the only one who did not get sheared back in September. Thank goodness the rest did, because this would be a mess.

So there are 4 ewes who have not had lambs. I hope they will all be good mothers and raise their lambs. I do have a friend who will take bottle babies if need be. And I have a freezer full of goat milk, just in case.

Speaking of shearing, we are waiting to hear from my guy. His dad always came to help him, but he has prostate cancer, really bad too. It's all over.  So don't know if he's past away or what. I may need to find someone else. And it will have to wait now anyway, til lambs are born.

So, that's what's happening here on the farm. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

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