Friday, April 28, 2017

And we are done!!!!

Yesterday was a busy day here. First off, it was stormy, lots of rain. Then Annabelle decided to lamb right out in the front pasture. It was pretty bad for awhile. I had to just walk away and leave her alone. She would not let me get near to help. There was a lamb head hanging out for a long time. I assumed it would be dead when she finally did get it out. So when I came back out to check, there were 3 little lamb heads, bobbing around. I did get them all into a stall and Annabelle followed. Then when I came back out a little later, there was another lamb! She had quads. 3 ewe lambs and a ram. So cute. And all doing well. Except, she really wasn't paying much attention to the last 3.

So I called a friend who has been wanting bottle lambs. She also has 3 young kids. Asked if she was ready for some lambs and she said sure. So they came a little later, after I'd bottle fed them all colostrum. They all seemed t be doing great so far. The first biggest lamb was nursing.

So off the 3 littles went, all wrapped up in towels and carried by their new people. They are all doing great this morning. Carrie was a little stressed about one of the ewe lambs, but she's great this morning, as are the other 2.

And Annabelle's little ewe lamb that stayed with her is doing great too!

So, later that afternoon, Campbelle decided she's had enough and wanted to have her lambs too. Out in the field. It was nice and sunshiney by then. So I went and grabbed more clean towels and a book and sat outside with her.

She finally had this big ewe lamb. She is huge! She was up and going for the milk bar soon after.

I had gone to check on Annabelle after she had that one lamb. I saw that one of the pallets needed adjusted. So grabbed the huge mallet-hammer and proceeded to smash my left index finger. Geeze, that hurt like heck! Ran inside to get my husband to see what I'd done, because I couldn't look. It was pretty bad. The whole tip of my finger is crushed. And it hurts. And I cannot milk the goats. UGH!

Got it wrapped up and went back outside to get Campbelle in a stall. That baby walked by herself most of the way there! And Campbelle followed her.

I got her some food and water and made sure the lamb was dried. Then noticed she was pushing. I thought she was pushing out afterbirth. But no, there was a big head! She was having another lamb. I was sure it would be dead because it had been a good hour since she'd had the first lamb. But he was fine and alive! He looks just like Frodo, the black and white ram lamb of Darla's. SO cute!

Campbelle is my very favorite ewe. And Galadriel looks just like her.

I have named the boy Tom Bomdadil and the ewe is Galadriel. Annabelle's ewe lamb is Goldberry.

So we are officially finished with lambing! They had 20 lambs total. 3 stillborn lambs. 2 rams and a ewe. I have 14 here, 7 rams and 7 ewes. Carrie has 2 ewes and a ram. So 17 live births. And equal males to females. So just get ready for lots of really cute lamb pics. Sorry! But they are so adorable.

It's going to be really hard to decide how many to keep.


Abby said...

I'm glad all the mamas and babies are done and ok.

Kris said...

Me too!