Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bee swarm!!!

So, this morning, as I was cleaning out the 2 hives that didn't make it through the winter,  I noticed a whole lotta bees around the one remaining hive. They had done this a few days ago and I thought they were going to swarm, so I got another box and added it to the hive. They seemed to be ok.

Til this morning. There were SO many bees, all over, heading south to the cedar tree about 30 feet away maybe. So I watched them. And I saw where they were headed. About 10' up in the cedar! Couldn't be any better.

I grabbed a brood box and only had 5 good frames to go in it, which would be ok til I got them in and settled. Fixed a new place to put the hive too. By then, they had pretty much gotten settled around the queen and a good branch.

So pulled the Trooper up under the tree. Got my little step ladder and box and brush and clippers. Trimmed all the branches that were in the way. Got all ready. My heart was pounding, by the way. Got the box as under the branch as I could. Then pulled the branch down. Then counted to 3 and shook it!

They all went in! I did get stung one time on my left middle finger, the one right beside my smooshed index finger. But that was all.

And now, they are on the hood of my Trooper, til I can get them to the new spot. I've been moving the car a few feet at a time, til I can get it over where I want the hive. Tonight, I'll get my hubby to help set it down off the car. Then I'll add the rest of the frames. And see what happens! Hopefully, they will stay put.

If you go up about an inch, that's where the branch is where they landed. Great height for me.

Right now, a few hours later, all but a few stragglers are in the hive. So I know the queen is in there. I did see a lot of bees fanning at the entrance!

So now I have 2 hives. I hope the other hive will be ok and make another queen.

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