Monday, April 24, 2017

12, 13, 14...

This morning, I got up early and looked out the front window. I could see Amarillo standing in the same place she was laying last night. It was raining. I saw some littles lambs around her. So I got some clothes on, grabbed towels and went to her. I saw 2 lambs standing and one laying, still wet. It was dead. But the other 2 were fine. I grabbed them all and she followed us to a stall. Got the lambs as dry as possible then went to get hay and feed for her. Got them all settled in, then trimmed around her udders so the lambs could find the teats. They did. I found out all 3 were rams . I was happy to have a few more boys. They will be Mariodoc Brandybuck (Merry) and Perigrin Took (Pippin).  Can you tell where these names came from?? Yes, I have Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, so had to have a Merry and Pippin.

I still need names for Adalaide's 2 lambs, a ewe and a ram.

 So we have 6 ram lambs and 5 ewe lambs so far. There are 2 more ewes left to lamb now.

And I am tired of April already. It has been the most fickle month, like it really doesn't know what to do. Should it be cold? Or hot? Or dry? Or sopping wet?   Well, so far, it has been ALL of these things. And right now, it's SOPPING WET out there! We have had a fire going some days because it's been so cold. Then a few days later, the air conditioner is on.  Oh April, I will be SO glad to see you leave!

And I realize this must be horribly boring to you all, all these lamb posts right now. But this is my life. Like ALL DAY, this is my life. Hauling water, hay, feed, making sure the right lambs are with the right mothers. Rescuing the lambs that went the wrong way at the fence and got on the wrong side. Banding tails. Giving some lambs bottles. Just never ending sheep right now! I am SO tired. And I took a nap yesterday afternoon. Yes, a nap. And it felt SO good!                                        

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Iris said...

I am happy for you, but feel so bad about the little ones that don't live. That would be very hard to deal with. Sounds like the adults know what to do to help, but I'm sure they appreciate all you do for them.