Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday ramblings...

 This is my little harvest yesterday for market. Lots of nice young tender kale, radishes and okra. Those apple are from my new trees. They are so good and crunchy and juicy. I think they are Golden Delicious. I love them. And so sweet.

I just don't sell a lot of produce at the Wed. market. I don't know why. I did sell some kale and okra, but that was it. There's a church that comes at the end and gets any left over stuff people will give them. So I gave them some. But took a lot to my mom and some for her friend. It could be that people are just used to me selling soap and wool stuff. I just don't know. I'll try a few more weeks and see.

I called my friend Susie last night to see if she wanted to come out today to learn to make soap. So she came this morning. I also had my bee friend coming to check on my bees. But he couldn't come this morning like he was going to, so came later this afternoon. Which worked out perfect. Bees are doing good, but no honey is being built up in the upper box for winter. So I have to start pumping the sugar water to them Darn it. I didn't want to have to do that. But the hive out back was already eating what honey they did have stored. Poor bees. So I did start the sugar water.

Anyway, Susie came and we went to the studio to make some soap. She picked out a nice Cedar-Saffron EO and we got to soaping. I'm not the best teacher, and she had been doing some reading and watching videos, so knew a little. But had never had any hands-on learning. So I showed her how to pour the lye and let her do some. Then did the oils. I let her stir and do the stick blender. It was fun. Got the soap in the mold. Now have to wait the horribly long 2 days to unmold it.

 This is her soap. I had to peek and take a picture a little later. We added some paprika for color. I was hoping it would be a little red. I guess I need to add a whole lot more next time. I put about 2 T. in. But who knows what the soap will look like in 2 days. It sure does smell good.

I went back over after my bee friend left. I wanted to try the wine soap next. I had already simmered the wine earlier. Had it cooling in the freezer. Got all my oils melted already. Then got the wine and added the lye to it. It started bubbling up so fast. This happened with the room temp kombucha and I lost all of that. So I started to stir and stir. It came right to the top of the container but I kept stirring. I also started filling the sink with cold water and ice too. It finally calmed down and stopped. I never lost any of it. Isn't that a pretty color? Almost like butterscotch. It's a citrus wine so I added orange and lemon EO's.

This is the wine soap in the mold. Looks orange-brownish now. Again, it will look totally different in 2 days, and even a week later. I love making soap.

I have 3  more soaps I want to make next. One with some grape juice I had canned last year. Another with muscadines I canned last year too. And another with apple spiced Chai tea and spiced apples I had canned too. Yum! But for some reason, I just don't want to make any more today.

My husband had a foot appt. today. He had gone to a doctor that specializes in circulation, whatever that's called, last week and again a few days ago. They were wanting to do a test where they'll go down in his artery in his right leg to check for a blockage. If they can, they will bust it up. If not, they'll do a stint. So he called awhile ago and said they're wanting to do it in the morning at 10. Good thing I have someone to stay with Mrs. T. tomorrow already.

And this weekend is a quilting class I want to go to. It starts at 5 Friday til 9. Then all day Saturday. I already know how to quilt. I just want to get familiar with my new sewing machine. And make a quilted banner for my market booth. I looked through my fabric stash and found some that'll work just fine. I am excited now to finally have a farm banner.

Here's my 2 dirty alpaca boys. They sure love to be hosed down. And it's been really hot here. And awfully dry. In the high 80's yesterday and today. AC is back on here. But that all changes after tonight!!! Cooler days and nights! And lots of rain coming too.

So if you don't hear any more from me here til next week, it's because I'll be busy. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Kim said...

I just love reading about all your endevors. And I will be saying a prayer for your hubby.

Kris said...

Thank you Kim! He's a little scared.